Bill Maher Says Stop Talking About PREGNANT MEN, It Is Destroying Democrats’ Chances

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  1. The guy going on about psychosis and Darwin is very good at coming up with relevant points but introduces them a little out of the blue. It is psychosis and it's actually interesting because the reason consciousness matches reality, which as we know, for example in a dream or when we make mistakes, it actually doesn't have to. The reason we have a consciousness that matches reality or at least as far as we can tell is because that's better for survival. We know that consciousness is actually a simulation that tries to match reality. When these people are attacking that there are a number of implications. This is a lengthy topic but I suggest considering it.

  2. Bill Mahr is the biggest shill POS on the waves today. But he'll get to keep his propaganda machine because he never bites his masters and wants the old school status quo he's a part of to come back, not the new guard pushing his old useful idiots butt out.

  3. I can't imagine my life without my babies; they're 8, almost 5 and 1. I always loved babies and we just jumped into it. The first went so well, we just kept going! lol. They're all so amazing and different and teach you so much about love and life. I wouldn't be me without my babies

  4. Welp, Bill isn't wrong.

    Edit: 4:55 to be fair, having children IS a luxury. Just like having pets. If you can't afford to have children, you shouldn't have children, because it's selfish to put children through horrible living conditions and be in poverty with them because of you not being able to provide for them. Kids don't deserve that punishment just for existing. I'd never put a kid through that, so I won't have kids either. That and because I don't care to have kids.

  5. this world if ??? can have animal pregnant with human they will do it and except, wtf world has come to now.. to much evolution, AI and transhumanism… climate etc, we will eradicate ourselves soon enough… enjoy people….

  6. Modern Liberals don't grow up the way people grew up in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. They play video games at 40, not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not building a business or conquering the world… or evolving. Not having kids is just an extension of that. Good riddance.

  7. Guys here’s I have to look at it if these idiots decide they’re not gonna have children then that means you’re not gonna re-populate idiots, and the same people who are having kids will re-populate, which means that the idiots will eventually become dinosaurs

  8. They need to continue talking about it. Speaking one's beliefs is what allows someone else to correct them when they are wrong. It's the only way humanity can ever improve anything.

  9. Bill Mar does not see any writing he just looks at his target audience and says what they want to hear. Only reason he hated Trump is because 30 to 45 year old stoners did not like him and now they done like all the weird shit they ignored and endorsed.

  10. Are they talking about a female gender woman that's claiming to be a "man" but physically still having the human female gender reproductive organs and is the reason that they are claiming a man can get pregnant But the real deception is that it's really a biological female gender woman that is just claiming to be a man but is still physically a female gender woman that has become pregnant and not a real man with only the human male gender reproductive organs.

  11. Eww you mentioned modern satanism in a bad tense. The whole premise behind modern Satanism is "you do you"
    "Eye for an eye"
    "Cultivate love"
    So on so on. It's about free will. Sorry it isn't your old school Christian influenced portrayl of the religion.
    Step back and learn a bit of Satanism before you do it harm. Most religions say "do no harm" and I'm sure yours does so take a note, step back, educate, then take a shot so you can at least be right or enlightened when you go to hell with the rest of us.

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