Bill on His Farmland Ownership

His 11th AMA:
(still figuring out my new mic, I know it’s not perfect right now)
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  1. Why's Bill buying so much farmland?
    Because he cares do much, and wants to use it to help feed the American public, with cheap, nutritional home grown food.
    Remember, Bill hasn't got any qualifications in computer programming.
    He hasn't got any qualifications in Virology, Epidemiology etc.
    He hasn't got any qualifications in farming either!
    But he does have a fake backstory, he's inherited his wealth, he's also a proponent of Eugenics.

  2. Thank you for your great information and the cute way you always deliver
    Isn't the stat on autism enough to prove getting a jab stab from bill gates lab is bad
    Vietnam barely had a case of autism before Billy boy like 2 to 4 cases in 10,000
    Now 1 in 44

  3. I think the produce and/or funny meat that comes from anything he's associated with should have a WARNING label on it. In fact, there should be warning labels for ALL MONSANTO tainted products.

  4. Please do a vid on Firmenich, its buying up of flavor companies (Senomyx), its business connection to Microsoft and how sooo many health food-oriented companies have been bought up and how food products, including meat, now have the word 'natural' and added ingredient 'natural flavor' when these products have always been tried&true w/o this?

    Is this mass innoculation, intro of chem for the mostly anti-vax demographics?
    I sure hope you put your gifted skills to this.

  5. He is doing it because humanity is not speaking out about his agendas. Most of the younger generations don't want to speak out or don't want to get involved and have become so timid toward rising up against evil. Notice what he is going after… seeds, food supply, farmlands and blocking out the sun, bio-weapons from so-called vaccines to weaponizing the mosquitoes. Sounds like Eugenics to me.

  6. WOW, so many altruistic billionaires, the world should be an amazing place for all by now right?!?…oh wait, they're actually psychopathic, delusional, genocidal, baal worshipping demons, pretending to be human…the rabbit hole goes deep, but at least we're getting closer now to the bottom and complete exposure for those with "eyes to see" 🙂

  7. He’s taking a lot of that land and leasing it out to people for investment through phone apps. You basically pay a fee and invest small amounts of money into small parcels of land. Think the noble titles idea or whatever it’s called. You purchase land by the square foot where available and get a return on the farming from that land. This will be the new literal cash crop. It’s called digital farming, legitimately. Then when this is in place and a majority of land is Owned or enough to build a proof in concept they will automate farming and allow investing via these platforms. This allows the ultra rich a way to get extra money from the individual by cutting out the middle man. Waste will be incredible

  8. Ol Bill Gates had a farm! E I E I O! 🎼🎶🎵 And a jab jab here and a jab jab there…here a jab there a jab everywhere a jab jab! Ol Bill Gates had a farm! Say goodbye to real meat! Ol Bill Gates had a farm! Say hello to Soylent Green! With a petri dish here and some meat growing in it there! Heres the future there's the future say goodbye to your future! Ol Bill Gates had a farm E I E I O!!!! 🎼🎶🎵 The most disturbing scene from 1984… E I E I O!!! "It looks like meat…it tastes like meat…BUT ITS NOT MEAT!!!" Ol Bill Gates had a farm! E I E I O!!!! 🎼🎶🎵

  9. The Most High is watching you Billy and he don't need a computer to keep score. Your day of reckoning is coming before the White Throne of Judgement. It's a terrible thing to land in the hands of an angry God.

  10. Gates is such a gross human being. He's so uncomfortable to watch when he speaks. They try and tell us that he's some kind of genius but he's not. He's a total moron and socially inept.

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