Billionaire Bunkers: How Super Rich Are Prepping For OFF-GRID Living

The pandemic has boosted interest in remote and self-sufficient homes. At a time when the rich are also investing in luxury bunkers, what kind of future is this pointing towards?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. This will happen one day and they will allow the rest of us to die off slowly and painful. They consider themselves better then the rest of us. I hope they burn.

  2. "The thing about industrial society if is if you're useless you're told to fuck off."

    Rightfully so. In previous societies you just died. Today you can have an amputated leg and still be useful. Not only is there no excuse in today's world, but the lowest classes are far better off than they were in the past. Yet people still complain that we're this horrible society.

  3. "Some people would argue the useless class are the rich, who don't work and consume the majority of society's resources."

    And those people would be ideologically possessed idiots. The products that Bezos and Gates created have made the entire world richer. They've done more for the planet than all the charities combined. Same with Wal-Mart. People just don't think it's like that because the products they create aren't glamorous – they provide modern infrastructure and necessities – and because they hire a lot of low skill, low pay employees.

    Without these companies life would be far harder for the average person. Clothing and food would be far more expensive without Wal-Mart. As a Data Engineer I can't even tell you where we'd be without Windows and its achievements. People just don't consider these things – that companies wouldn't make their money, and the rich wouldn't make their money, if they didn't provide a lot of value to society.

  4. People feel underground explosions and noises as if they were building underground for years. I'm going to build a partly underground cinder block and rock house with a section of plexiglass to watch the prairie dogs like cameras watch the meerkats.

  5. You are doing a better job of fudemental philosophcal outlook than Bertrand Russel ever did! How come you haven't had death threts yet? – or maybe you have ! Your work in every direction, and to all listening ears, is richly valid. Keep up the pressure ! Cheers.

  6. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

  7. If you can find the Jessie Venture from 1999 about the underground condos built under Denver airport. It shows how the elite have been building these underground condos since the 90’s. They will be hiding from Nuclear War. This has been in the works for years. Thanks Russell Brand for covering this and making people aware how corrupt our government truly is. Imagine how many they actually have underground especially in the western part of the U.S.

  8. Has Anonymous or any other group figured out how to expose who is finding these apocalypse bunkers? Obviously, those that have them are the biggest concerns, and are in no way going to find some miraculous inner peace against greed.

  9. Great topic. Some of us want to live off grid but they won't let us!!!

    The vaccinated say "then don't use our hospitals or eat our food"… ok fine, let us go!!!

    The schools are overwhelmed and can not formulate a solution to bullying much less viruses…. ok LET US TAKE OUR KIDS AND GO!!! Without CPS threats to remove our kids and place them in sex trafficking homes!!

    Some of us spend a lot of time seeking raw wooded land to buy Without a loan, so we can live… SO WE CAN LIVE!!! So, they decided to hike prices of everything, enforce ridiculous laws that even the Amish do not have to follow and threats to take our kids or demoralize us in other ways… because we give up on them and want to retreat to the woods to LIVE….. Without them!

    We can solve so much dispute, hate, and more if they'd stop trying so hard to stop us from reverting to a simpler way of life.

    LET US GO!!! 🇺🇸

  10. Living off grid, property and debt paid off, before the global cold virus 🙄 is exactly why I made it through relatively unscathed. Waiting til something happens is a bad idea. That's like trying to insure an uninsured car after having an accident.

  11. You got me snorting my Coke you're pretty funny you make it funny or I could cry the Apocalypse here is I don't know I do know that our Lord and savior is coming back. I do know some of us will have to go through the tribulation and a lot will fall for the evil one God bless you thanks for making it a little bit easier

  12. I havent quit my job but I've positioned myself into a salary position from which I can pursue homesteading on my 1 acre. What I'm finding is with every project and step taken towards that farming goal I feel a little bit of independence from the economic system we are stuck in. Ask any old farmer they will tell you its not a job or career but a "WAY OF LIFE". Think about those words, do you have a way of life? or are you just living within and for the system?

  13. Absolutely right. There are too many happily co operating with the sociapathic user's, always clamouring to turn against his/her fellows! Remember those who gave up the Jews, et Al! It's crazy, unless we become more enlightened and act, we are doomed!🙄😏

  14. It’s no wonder, at least here in America, why homeless people don’t want help by the government or orgs/shelters. They quite literally refuse any help and resources offered to them. They have more freedom living outside of social norms. We also live in a society of abundance. People are always willing to give change, food/beverages. All they feel they need, is enough to survive, with no drive to thrive and become part of the system again. A system that has already failed them. Not always due to societies actions against them but their own faults. Some make poor decisions and suffer the consequences, others are victims of circumstance. Obviously drugs are a huge part of the homeless mindset, not for all, but a great volume of the individuals. It’s a complex issue, but I understand to an extent why some refuse to live by what is considered normal in todays society.

  15. Hi Russell. Sorry, I've lied. I've told everyone on FB we shared a few Danish beers here tonight in my hired wooden hut on the island of Rømò and discussed the future of humanity. I loved the vid and will either save my pennies for a bunker or, more than likely, continue driving around Europe in my fossil fuel drinking VW bus. At 65 the end is nigh so I guess (Ego) I won't have to worry too much. Keep sane, keep safe and keep up the great stuff. Martin.

  16. The Doomsday Entrepreneur is a genius; when the collapse comes he will have built this entire complex with their money, but he won't have to let them in. What are they going to do, call the government to help?

  17. Russel. For as much as I enjoy this awakening you have you still have a very simple way of speaking about people. Elitism is bad. But people in power are not always bad. The man who made 5 hr energy spends his riches trying to help the world. And why he may be one person he employs hundreds to solve 3 world issues and provides them with almost unlimited funding. So you can sit there and say he doesn’t contribute as much but if not for him nothing would be contributed. You have got to dive deeper into the details of things instead of staying on this shallow 20 mins of preacher speak. Love the work. Just think it’s needs a bit more deep dive and conversation.

  18. They are delusional of thinking they can keep something like that during that so called ''apocalypse''.
    If all systems fail humanity will reset itself to basics. Stronger, faster, more cunning, more powerful will always win. There is no doubt some leaders (warlords) will appear who command many armed troops and if the location is known… eventually they will conquer it. Secrecy is no1 requirement if you are to make a ''fallout shelter'' so to speak.

  19. The industrial revolution was supposed to make jobs less gruelling and free up time for actual living… youknow instead of spending all day every day doing repetitive and dangerous jobs, you manned the machine that did that job. You could work less hours and share that job for the same pay with someone else because output was increased and therefore profit should increase right?

    Instead what happened was they replaced 10 people with 2 people and kept the hours the same so that profit increased even further.

    Nowadays the unskilled factory work is call centers. You sit at your desk have the same conversation on loop and instead of damaging your physical health youre damaging your mental health because of the lack of mental stimulation and the fact youre getting verbal abuse from the other people at the end of the phone. And even THAT theyre using AI to automate.

    So then what? People genuinely think that "unskilled workers" which is bullshit because there isnt a job out there that doesnt require skills. You know to know what youre doing at literally every job… but people think that those workers dont deserve to live a decent life just becuase they do a "lowly" job.
    Like people think working at McDonalds is for kids. IE students and such. Do you honestly think that a bunch of teenagers would have the time to keep that place running 24/7 when they have classes and whatnot. And why would you WANT every fast food worker to be a teenager? It frustrates me. "get a job.. no not that one, go into debt and get a better one where you end up worse off financially cause now you have loans to pay back"

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