Billionaire Funded Reporter Attacks Grassroots Healthcare Organizers

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  1. Vision and dental care should be part of UNIVERSAL healthcare. Last time I checked, eyes and teeth are body parts. It’s pretty damn hard to get most jobs if you can’t see!!!

  2. Hey Jimmy, that website that you put up about Grimm says that you’re worth $38 million. How did you obtain such a substantial amount of wealth and how much of that wealth does a socialist such as yourself contribute to the homeless right outside your garage? It should be a good amount if you consider yourself an honest broker.

  3. I am from a country with single-payer mandatory health insurance, the Netherlands. It works quite well, but there is a lot of waste, and incompetent supervision. There is no limit to the amount (€) of healthcare that is needed, since there can always be more expensive medicine and treatments, and there are tricks to convince decision makers to declare them necessary. Offers of good jobs, bribes, regulatory capture, media campaigns about how terrible a disease or condition is. This situation is getting worse fast.

    Now in general I think a combination of free enterprise and governmental supervision, democracy, subsidiarity, free exchange of ideas/free speech is the best way to go, and I am wary of big concentrations of power, probably similarly to most here. But the person with the most influence on and interest in your health is yourself, so getting others involved will get worse result.

    How would you prevent this corruption, waste, and perverse incentives taking hold if free-for-all healthcare was implemented in the USA?

  4. Funny how to rest of the world including the poorest countries manage to have health care but the richest country in the world say they can't afford it but can afford bombing half of the world

  5. I thought Brianna Joy Gray's analogy was even better than Justin's. Her point was basically, forcing the vote should be like "making a tackle". When would you ever decide it is better to not make a tackle!

  6. This is exactly the reality in the ground!
    There is no division or infighting between the American people!
    There is a gaslighting, Propaganda and division spreading Operation going on from the top!
    It's not about color, it's not about political preference, it's not about religion!
    It's about the 99% getting the shorter end of the stick or none for decades, while the Rott and the 1% are getting fatter and more powerful on top!

  7. I gave Ryan Grim the benefit of doubt the first time round, giving him the opportunity to show that as annoying and counterproductive as it was, that maybe it wasn't in bad faith. That's my nature, to give a good chance, but now… that's it. My good will is spent. Ryan has done some good journalism but this shows he has a deeply distasteful character.

  8. The People's Champ. One of the only ones with a huge platform actually fighting for real change in a real way. Never stop exposing the opps.

  9. This show constantly points out how corrupt this government is, why do you want to give them more power and control of your life by giving them total control over your heath decisions? Remember, "vote for me you'll get 2k next week", then they just don't. Now do that with life saving heath decisions, " gee, you were speaking out against the government, maybe you don't need those chemo treatments". This government has to be fixed before they have total control.

  10. Grimm is sitting outside of the arena where people take action trying to make things better and while he nominally supports everything we want, he'd just sit there and tell us not to attempt anything, because it won't work, wrong strategy, wrong time, blah blah blah!!
    At this point he's being a democrat! As his job is to placate and stifle any leftist movement by pretending to be a friend!

  11. In a way I like that Jimmy hasn't gone nuclear on the youtube show that shall not been named. He's just stopped giving them oxygen. He doesn't punch down like Grim.

  12. “When progressives attack M4A you’ll know they’re not progressives.” Me 2121. TYT has healthcare and they’re not worried about those who haven’t

  13. Meanwhile, the UK government has passed a bill that allows more privatisation of our NHS services. At the moment of course, our healthcare is still totally free at the point of use, but it seems the stated aim that, eventually, a private insurance alternative will replace the NHS. Our healthcare will no longer be a service and will be designed to give healthcare solely on the basis of profit. We will very likely end up with a two tier system as private companies only really want to cherry-pick cases that don't take long to treat as profit inevitably becomes their bottom line, with a eviscerated public option that will end up with long waiting lists, poor funding and the poor basically pushed right to the back of the queue. People need to wake up as I don't think they realise the consequences of a profit first health service.

  14. Ryan Grim doesn't have his own thoughts, just invite Pierre Omidyar on the show, the guy with his hand up Ryan's butt making his mouth move. Don't ask the butt puppet what he thinks, ask his handlers.

  15. The FIRST, ENUMERATED UNALIENABLE right of the Declaration of Independence is LIFE. The reason, motivation and justification for healthcare is, precisely, the protection, preservation and enhancement of life … without which liberty, pursuit of happiness, the Bill of Rights, etc., have no meaning. Healthcare is a right … FORCE it to be codified as such.
    "Imagine a charismatic Mike Pence." That's truly a terrifying spectre … but there is another MUCH worse, if you can bear to consider it: an elected Hillary Clinton!!!