Billionaire WEALTH TRANSFER – How The Super Rich Legally Rob You

America’s super rich are borrowing their way to ever more fortunes. How? Tax breaks. Who pays the price? You, of course!
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Kerry packer in Australia had had a run in with Canberra about his low tax returns. They tried to castigate his morality on this and Mr. Packer retorted on how Canberra itself wastes the tax money the regular Aussie had to pay::: (perks, tax funded shenanigans) In other words, he was calling them out if Canberra won't waste his taxes if he really pays them in full.

  2. What baffles me is the fervor in which most people condemn these “elite” for the very same practices most of the populace would also participate given the opportunity.

  3. This point about the incentives for borrowing would certainly help explain some of the insane level of money printing going on in the US and elsewhere. The outcome for the public is a pronounced inflationary cycle that harms everyone who is not rich.

    Most people can observe this dynamic most clearly in the housing market. Prices continue to surge well out of the reach of the majority of people who had no previous equity to utilize. 

    Those in the middle class who bought homes previously will have reaped some personal gains upon sale. But once the middle class of this generation sell their properties, they will not be transferring enough wealth so that their children can all become home owners. For many the door closes behind them. 

    The result is that we will have a permanent renter class who will have no meaningful avenue towards the wealth creation, and a middle class status that owning homes provided. This will eventually return societies to the sort of open class war not seen since pre ww2.

    All nations who engage in massive increase of money supply and debt are quite aware of the cycle they are creating, but they just don’t care about the prioties of the majority. We are on the inevitable path to neo-feudalism.

  4. Successful people don't become that way overnight. most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  5. How do you actually shut down that loophole? Increasing capital gains does nothing (except punish smaller investors) as you simply borrow based on the increasing value of your assets. You can’t tax borrowing (can you?), at least I don’t see how without impacting on liquidity for the rest of us. So the rich continue to effectively pay 1% to banks and avoid the +20% the rest of us pay when we need to cash in some assets for liquidity.

    Beginning to see why billionaires can if they want pay virtually nothing in tax, and how quickly they can go about amassing ever more wealth (not unlike trump, who effectively runs a ponzi scheme based on assets owned). What a fucking time to be alive..

  6. Love your work! This subject is a little bit told with blinders on. These rich people create highly productive businesses that create jobs and opportunity. Most of their wealth is a percentage of the company they started.

    While I still feel there are areas that could be reigned in, especially politically, a lot of what you’re describing works for regular people to.

  7. The only issue I have with this 'tax the rich' mentality is that the taxes are just wasted in the hands of the government anyway. Taxing the wealthy more, currently, is actually a lot worse than them buying property and investing. Better off keeping this money in circulation than giving it to the government which is already drowning in its own debt to other countries and can't stop spending it terribly.

  8. Billionaires don’t keep liquid funds, they hold assets like stock then loans keep their lifestyle going. It’s a product of our stupid as tax system. Meanwhile they’re hiring 90k workers to go after poor people/$600 transactions…it’s our governments fault not billionaires

  9. I love how liberals be like oh the rich are for the republicans . They ain’t even if republicans talk about tax cuts because they already use loopholes . Republicans tax cuts help the middle class . The ultra rich an the rich in general support democrats an the actual blue and white collar suppprt republicans . It’s fascinating how it was flipped .

    Jeff owns the Washington post , left news outlet , mark owns Facebook hella bias and Twitter is dominated by the left . Only one republicans have is Elon an he supports both parties . Cause he’s a independent.

  10. This is the exact reason why I predict the human race won't last more than another 500 years! Because when it comes time for the "BIG MAN" at the top to press the button and make a decision whether to save the world or not. He's just going to be thinking about himself unfortunately! Highly likely!!

  11. Government is a lot worse than the rich, especially in LA, most of the average 4500$ rent is probably tax. Think about it property tax is huge part of it, than the income in that property gets taxed again, and the mortgage company gets taxed as well.

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