Billionaires Are A Symbol Of A Failed Society.

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. This right here is why progressives are lunatics. If we tax all billionaires out of existence who are you going to work for? Your socialism system doesn't work. You eat the rich and whats next after you're out of other people's resources you dingbats?

  2. Watching a boomer drug addict and his Karen-haired parrot demanding that the government tax some of the greatest minds we have "out of existence". Cracks me up. Smoke a joint and tell a joke so that plastic thing next to you can laugh some more.

  3. Bezos is the richest man in the world “on paper” but actually Gates is still richer than him. And the Rothschilds are worth trillions of dollars. There are people way richer than Bezos behind the scenes…

  4. i like how Jimmy complains complain and complains and never offers any solutions LOL. but no solutions really to offer.. RIP USA!! 2020.

  5. Everything that is currently wrong in this time and place can be traced directly back to the long string of “trickle-down” tax breaks that have been given to wealthy people and corporations since Ronald Reagan was in office. Tax them so that they either put the money to good use, or they just go extinct. The Plan B alternative to taxes will be very unpleasant for them.

  6. They become wealthy in the first place because they are fearful. After the become wealthy, they are still fearful. That is why we have defective people running the whole show.

    Billionaires are a sign of personal greed within a society, just like Millionaires are a sign of personal greed within a society. Likewise claiming a whole society has failed because a few are greedy is a sign of being brainwashed. You are not helping your argument, you make it look insane.

  8. Innovation: saving money on air con by putting ambo's at the front door, eliminating toilet breaks, hiring people to go undercover to break up organisers in the workforce, electric buzzers on peoples wrists. INNOVATION

  9. Homelessness is a FEATURE to scare the Piss out of the Middle Class to keep them on The Wheel, Work, Sleep, Repeat.
    If a Capitalist Country actually met the Basic Needs of its Peoples those Capitalists would NOT be able to Exploit the People to the absolutely criminal levels which they do.

  10. Billionaires have waged war against us for too long. Manufacturing consent, tax evasion and proliferating arms. The U.S no longer maintains peace, we have to maintain war to prop up profits. We need Robspierre now (figuratively)

  11. No one earns a billion dollars. A billion $ net worth would take a salary of $40,000,000 for 40 years (factoring in taxes and living expenses). Unearned income is a big part of billionerrors' wealth. And most unearned income is profit generated by working people who don't share in those profits, but instead have their salaries and benefits suppressed in order to increase the profits that go to billionerrors. Who pay lower tax rates than the working people.

  12. The concept of the wealthy using their wealth to create more opportunity for others via jobs/etc seems to have been lost on this newer batch of ultra-rich. They are setting themselves up for disaster. Also, if Bezos liquidated assets to come up with $20bn it would have to come from someplace, likely Amazon shares, tanking the company and triggering mass layoffs, so it's not so simple as to say "he has the money to end homelessness", he really doesn't, at least not without massive ripple-effect repercussions.

  13. Don't fault him for not ending homelessness when he contributed billions in wealth for millions of people. Also, he can't end homelessness because the homeless are 88% or so homeless due to their irresponsibility.

  14. once you reach a billion every dollar more should be taxed at 100% so these people retire and give other people a chance to sit in the big chair.

  15. I am an admin on the complaints adressed to facebook page on facebook which exists because it is good to have a place to document the complaints facebook doesnt want anyone to know exist… everyone is asking for more censorship, left, right, they are all fucking fascists

  16. I’m glad you talked about the millennial wealth crises. Boomers owned almost 40 percent of the wealth when they were the age of the millennials right now

  17. Jimmy Dore's first statement is why Democrats are incapable of solving the homelessness problem.
    Homelessness is largely a mental health issue.
    California has thrown money at the problem for decades. The result is HIGHER homelessness.

    Democrats are angry at Bezos for providing a service through Amazon after they destroyed small town America with lock downs.

  18. Why don't you write him a letter and explain to him how he can end homelessness and show how it would be profitable to him and maybe he just might do that.

  19. When the Lakota leader Sitting Bull was asked by a white reporter why his people loved and respected him, Sitting Bull replied by asking if it was not true that among white people a man is respected because he has many horses, many houses? When the reporter replied that was indeed true, Sitting Bull then said that his people respected him because he kept nothing for himself.
    —Joseph Bruchac
    Sitting Bull 2020!!! Bring back the sanity!
    Have a nice day! (;