Billionaires: “You DIE – We PARTY!!!!” You WONT BELIEVE THIS IS LEGAL

As Jeff Bezos celebrates his 58th birthday weeks after he was pictured on a super-yacht it’s reported that two Amazon factory workers died after being told to carry on working despite feeling unwell.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. It has been known in my geological location for a long time that Amazon was a company that chews up and spits out people. Their employee treatment track record continues to be abysmal. None of my children opted to be employed there simply because of their reputation, even though the money was good. Having said that, dodging tornadoes is a tricky business. Leaving in your car can often be more deadly then staying put. But in this case the tornado warning was issued 40 minutes in advance. The question then becomes is the building capable of sustaining a hit (obviously not), and can you get to a place of safety (whatever that is, ie.. underground shelter) before it hits? That is a tough sandwich to eat no matter how you slice it up. If Amazon had told them to leave and they had been killed in their cars, would we then say, "Amazon didn't care, they just kicked them out on the street straight into a tornado"? My guess is yes.

  2. So many of these big corporations are evil AF. If they look to Amazon as the Gold Standard for making money (over human lives by the looks of this) then we are all screwed as a society. These Billionaire CEOs have so much influence over governments as well. Might as well have Biff Tannen from Back to the Future running the show.

  3. First off all don’t shop Amazon and if you accidentally do file a claim that someone stole your credit card shop eBay instead then you get better deals from real people making money for their families

  4. I think big business has been devaluing human life since the start, only difference now is they are brazen enough to be doing it in Western Countries like America. Are these the type of people we want organising our economic future, via the world economic forum?

  5. I have worked and seen people fallout due to heat exhaustion and or dehydration and the leadership did nothing to help or change the situation. They did patchwork BS like telling employees to drink more water that was not even in there work areas.

  6. When we accept that we sponsor Amazons behaviour, we can decide if we want to continue, or use another service.
    Can we live with our parcel coming a day later. Can we order it a week earlier.

  7. That phone we thought was cool last year and junk this year, is a (pocket) computer, the 'phone' is still great, just save your money. Keep it a year.
    Stop buying new junk. The super wealthy profit. we give up value for new junk.

  8. It's not just our reality it's the only options we have. I reported this horrible work ethic and lack of humanity being practiced and after requesting my position advancement after 2 years I was fired for quote un quote tardiness.

  9. wait what? 3% of employees is roughly 30000 employees?! that meant it employs 1M employees in US? or is this world wide, either way that is incredible and scary at the same time.

  10. if you feel like you are just waiting and waiting on a miracle to happen… stop. The moment you decide to take your fate and elevation into your own hands and stop waiting is the exact moment it will happen for you. An object in motion stays in motion, an object at rest stays at rest. Waiting = Rest. Remove all limitations you ever placed or allowed someone else to place on you, anything you want you can achieve. ❤️‍🔥🙏💕 sending you all so much self love, peace and above all limitless energy to fearlessly bring your dreams to life NOW

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