BILLIONS In Covid Aid Funnelled To POLICE PAYROLLS, Jails As WH Claims Gov RAN OUT Of Relief Cash

Max Alvarez and Amy Tarkanian discuss the reappropriation of American Rescue Plan funds to police and prison expenditures.


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  1. The republican lady tried to be a partisan hack like most conservatives and got dragged by Ryan back to the truth. Trump, the king of republicans did the failed ppp 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Why not a prison rehabilitation shelter where everyone on drugs who commit crimes theft etc. Have to be there until their well! Along with their rehabilitation are them having to eat only healthy foods to detox them from effects of their years of drug use. They retrain their brain by having to help people who are worse off than them. They re-clean what they littered around town. Learning new job skills & working with businesses In The area to promoting each rehabilitated person to giving them a job which helps ween them back into society. If they have kids. They get to take parenting classes w strong ethics. I just don't see how this would be so hard to make

  3. Perfect for Dems. Tell everybody you want the police reformed and defunded to appease the woke. Then fund the police thru a backdoor because of all the crime you have created. This may be the new industrial war complex on our domestic level.

  4. Re-allocated 400 Million, In Alabama alone, Or is it 300 Billion?
    Covid cash is still available and was never spent or spent correctly is what this news is?
    USPS and other delivery options use fossil fuels daily?

  5. This is not the only theft, it is in fact, just the tip of the iceberg.
    In my home state of Connecticut, they have artificially extended the state of emergency, not because there is an actual emergency, but so they can access Federal funds to make up for their over spending in an election year.

  6. Republican lady missed the boat. SOME PEOPLE have the best health care and schools, but the majority of people living in LA do not. So, safety begins with having food and a home or apartment, a job, and health care and dental care and insurance and gas money and…. The list goes on. Safety is something the city of Los Angeles has ample funds for and still does not accomplish.

  7. Now the federal Covid team is crying for more money for test and shots. Blame the president and congress for throwing extra money to the states to bail them out instead of doling it out in pieces.

  8. Although I am ALL for defunding the police, the prison issue in AL is completely out of control. Alabama has a massive overcrowding of their system which ultimately becomes a human rights violation especially in COVID times.

    The plan laid out was for them to build 2 new prisons to alleviate the overcrowding, while also bringing portions of current use prisons that have run into disrepair back up to acceptable standards.

    I know that it's hard to view prisoners as members of society for most people, but they deserve to have their basic constitutional rights respected and met while incarcerated. Building these prisons will also provide jobs to the surrounding areas.

    I think the bigger question that needs to be addressed here is why AL has let this overcrowding happen to begin with & what they are doing to address the root cause. I can guarantee that frivolous arrests and "tough on crime" over sentencing have a lot to do with it. PD salary raises should NOT happen until sufficient resolutions are made.

  9. They defunded police and put the money where? They got that 1.9Trillion covid relief bill passed and everyone got covid months later with masks and tests months late so that money went where?

  10. I don't feel safe with police out in the community. They cause people to be pushed people out of the system or community and have to transition to a life of crime for a means to live.

    I wonder if the Funding to the police has actually cause more crime because the community suffers from police going around revenue raising. Someone that gets fined for something like using their car they can't afford to fix that they rely on to get to their job and a police officers see's it as easy money that completely destroys that person means of living. Now they can't afford their car fix and have to find money to pay a fine.

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