Bills Proliferate to Criminalize Online Speech | SYSTEM UPDATE with Glenn Greenwald

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Ever day I see more and more evidence that "people of color" have become the chief racists in the West. I hear it and see it with my own eyes. I couldn't care less what people say because I hear it and see it myself. And my eyes and ears are not lying. The people who are the most obsessed with race, who see everyone by the color of their skin are now "people of color". But then again, why should this be a surprised. Racism is rampant in the third world today and always has been. Despite the utter BS the media and academia push.

  2. So if I post in YouTube:

    The CIA has illegal funding sources like drugs to finance its illegal activities against enemies like democracies who fight corporate takeover of their countries.

    How long will I be in prison?

  3. So, everyone involved in the United States government that planned the assistance in Ukraine (Funding neo-n@zi groups such as Azov, Right Sector, C14) will be immediately turning themselves in over this presumably? 😂😂😂

  4. 8:09 why doesn’t it apply to Christianity? What do I mean? Christians worship the effigy of a Middle Eastern man, or black, being crucified to death. All for the crime of being an activist. Have you ever noticed that every crucifix you see, Jesus looks like a Middle Eastern man? Yet if you see a picture of him, he is always white. Why do you think they put black men on crosses when they lynched them years ago?

  5. We'll just pass right over the wrongs and vitriol against whites by avowed, unapologetically racist black supremacist Shaun King, right? Or Joy Reid? Symone Sanders? Van Jones? Or Maxine Watters who openly advocated for harassment of people whom were perceived to be Trump supporters. Or the group of young black kids who dragged a man out of his vehicle then beat him senseless all the while laughing and saying, "You shouldn't have voted for Trump! This is what you get voting for Trump," They weren't charged with a hate crime. In fact no one was ever arrested for this obvious act of hate.

  6. Congress critters take an Oath of Office, swearing "…shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation to support this constitution.", and yet we live in an age where this oath is routinely violated as a common matter of course. Why do we, as Citizens of the U.S.A. have no recourse when these vile creatures flagrantly violate their oath? Why is it that they pay no price for their constant onslaught of transgressions against the Constitution and "We the People"?

  7. So, if you write a book in which a hate crime occurs, your contrived fictional plot can be judged to be part any real world hate crime that happens to resemble it?

  8. What about the vaxSupremacy hate-crimes that administered 13 billion doses of an experimental "counter measure" on a citizenry that was terrorized by endless fear mongering by the government?

  9. @3:50 So, under §(b)(2) if one person publishes Nazi crap and then commits or furthers plans to commit a crime, a second completely uninvolved person can be charged with a hate crime? Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it provides two elements and doesn't say the elements have to be met by separate parties to the "conspiracy."

  10. Why would a lawyer not see that this law is useful for Zionists and why does he use an abusive meaningless word like antisemitism which de facto is a used to silence speech critical of endless violence genocide land theft and other abuses against Semites that usually are NOT Jewish?


  12. Nothing new. Reminds me Colemen Young the exmayor of Detriot. He said some of the most race bating things when he was mayor and was never called out on it. It was always the poor saps on the other side of eight mile for Detroit problems. Never said who the real problem was or he wouldn't be mayor for long.

  13. Defending the constitution means defending freedom of speech. Every single one of them made themselves impeachable, possibly investigated for sedition and/or treason. Not one of them is legit.

  14. There is an underlying issue with hate speech, make the statement as fact and it is problematic, make the statement as an opinion and it is legally difficult to touch it, you are legally fully entitled to your opinions no matter how good or bad. False statements of fact, well, that is criminal, most often defined as fraud if you generate a fiscal return or others suffer a loss as a result of that false statement of fact.

  15. Words that constitute a hate crime would be for example like saying Saddam Hussein has enriched uranium those words could inspire someone to send an army of men paid for by US tax dollars to murder thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens that did nothing to America . Words that constitute a hate crime would be like saying Putin is evil or Trump is a racist or Biden is cognitively impaired .

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