Biological Males Should Not Compete in Women’s Sports (Part 1) | Change My Mind

In this edition of Change My Mind, Steven Crowder heads to the University of North Texas to see what students think about biological males competing in women’s sports. Spoiler: They should not.

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  1. Transgender idealogy is a religion. No facts, just faith, and belief. Facts are not important to people that adopt this idealogy. That is why they continiously ignore data, facts, science, biology, common sense etc..

  2. See this is the problem with the leftists and the reason they throw things refuse to speak and attempt to shout you down, they can’t rationalize their opinions they cant make a convincing enough argument to change your mind that’s why they use violence.

  3. This young man has composed himself so well. He truly is an intelligent young man. i was very impressed with how he handled himself. disagree with his stance or not, i appreciate how he conducted himself.

  4. This guy's honest, but his argument is based upon his feelings about "fairness" with men "identifying as women" who want to compete against "other women," but he's dismissing ALL of the objective facts which say that "trans women" competing against biological Women is UNFAIR and even dangerous to them. His entire argument is competely flawed.

  5. I wonder, for anyone who agrees with Isaac, are you satisfied with his argument?
    Because I thought Isaac seems pretty educated and also did a good job of not backing down, asked questions before replying, restated his points, basically followed the general rule book of debate, I’m interested if his argument spoke to anyone or made then reconsider or validate their own position.
    I think that because Isaac did a good job debating, but failed to help me consider his position in any way, I’m more confidently planted in my position (nearly identical to S.C.) on this subject.
    And I was really trying to take the Devil’s advocate approach through the entire interview.

  6. When people dismiss the difference between men and women in sport I point to a specific example.
    The Women's 800m World Record has stood, completely untouchable, for almost 40 years. The woman who set it was a Czech that was juicing out of her mind, but testing sucked back then. No women have ran under 1:54 since her (her time was 1:53.28). Even the gold medal in the last Olympics was 2 seconds slower (1:55.21).
    This is 1 of the greatest world records in women's sport.
    Meanwhile, last year at State in Ohio Division 1 HS Boys 800m finals 3 HS boys ran a faster time than that world record. The top 6 boys would have won the Gold Medal at the last Olympics.
    This is one race, in one year, in one division, in one state, only looking at kids. Not professional athletes, or even college athletes. Even in this small of a sample, we have multiple kids outdoing what any woman has ever been able to do, even with drug assistance.

  7. If trans female to male cant logically compete Vs biological males, why can trans male to females compete Vs biological females? Doesnt make sense and contradicts their whole argument. Why not just start with that….

  8. Hold up. Even as a left leaning independent. There is no way in hell any trans athlete should be playing female sports. You have significant physical advantages going through puberty as a male regardless of your current “gender identity “.

  9. Finaly a new ''change my mind episode''
    In the future when its cheaper and easyer to switch your genders ect, its gonna be a man vs genders and the woman will be left out.
    If its getting a problem already that trans people dominate the female devision, than it might be best to make a 3rd devision voor trans people.
    Its completely unfair for bio woman that have worked there whole life to finaly reach the top of the woman devision. just to get there ass beat by trans or on there way to the top.
    i would't be surprised if in the future, the top 100 would excist out 50/50 woman and trans, witch basicly get ruled by trans as there is a much lower % of trans in sport than excual female.

  10. When the kid said he wasn’t an expert on the subject…he was either trying to be humble about his lack of expertise, or trying to back out of a corner. But regardless….

    We’re not talking about rocket science or even algebra. We’re talking about what defines a man, and what defines a woman, and what the real world consequences of those definitions are. A 5 year old has a basic grasp of this. This is something every human absolutely understands because it is it is a fundamental aspect of EVERY human’s experience, since the beginning of man. The intellectual leftists want to act like it’s some highly complicated, individually unique experience. It’s…..not. That’s like saying that because you didn’t go to law school, you can’t understand that it’s illegal to steal a car or run a red light. Or if you aren’t a professional chef, you can’t fry bacon and eggs. Some things are basic to human existence. If you can’t define what a man or woman is, then neither mean anything. But they do mean something.

  11. Just an idea.
    Allow Trans athletes to compete BUT Handicap them with weights like horse racing, based upon their previous performances.

    Otherwise this whole subject becomes seriously cyclical…
    It's almost like choosing between a having a mind or a body.
    I agree with both of them, Steven AND the guy in the beany hat. The young fella is extremely mindful and shows a great deal of emotional intelligence & empathy for somebody of his age. The only way to make the system ungameable is to introduce a handicap on trans athletes to stop the ridiculous gulfs in records.

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