Bipartisan Support For Escalating War With Russia, NATO Country Demands No-Fly Zone

Guests: Kellie Keen
Libby Emmons
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  1. 3:23 I wanna talk about what they said about dehumanizing soldiers because a lot of people don't know that, that is necessary, despite how dark it is. The reason being is that it's extremely traumatic killing anyone, and seeing another soldier as a human being makes it difficult to do your job. It's sad, but it's necessary.

  2. Can anyone explain the significance of a few soldiers wearing hamat suits, while the vast majority of Russian soldiers aren't? Does anyone really believe Putin is going to release a biological plague on his own troops, or on the other side of his country's border? It's not like an infected Ukrainian/Russian couldn't spread … whatever … all the way his front door.

  3. The war is escalating and will continually to escalate as long as Biden keeps down what he is doing…. Which he is and speeding things up….. as for war…. It’s not a matter of “if” America goes to war it’s when. But at some point we have to acknowledge that just taking over other peoples property ain’t cool in a supposed civilized world.

  4. Bipartisan support for war isn't surprising considering which politicians are in power . We need to buy time long enough to clean house . That is if the constant fear mongering they use to keep us under a constant state of emergency they take advantage of to accomplish things they normally wouldn't be able to do gives them the opportunity to manipulate the elections to their benefit

  5. Still under-estimating Russia. Remember its the SAME PEOPLE THAT MADE IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN AND LIBYA HAPPEN.
    If ya’ll think Russia and China has NOT foreseen ALL kinds of RESONSES…..Well then ya’ll not well informed. Im just saying.. We DONT want a war with Russia and China…. They have calculated… Do we want a nuclear War….. NO WE DONT..!

  6. reminds me of Egyption propaganda from the end of the bronze age.

    Egypt keep winning major victory after major victory closer and closer to their capital.

    same thing seems to be happening around Kyiv

  7. Russia doesn't need to use Chemical weapons to win this war. They have been exercising great restraint, so far. Its about capturing the country, not destroying it.

  8. Don't worry the elites will be in their bunkers and those who supported war but don't make it to elite bunkers will have buyers remorse but no they are not owed forgiveness for their support of this action, that's if their not killed by the blast or fallout…but at least "freedom" prevailed right? Even for those who didn't support this action it would still apparently be freedom prevailing. Thanks for creating nukes America.

  9. Easy to call for actions that could cause war from the comforts of your home, with no intentions of getting involved except to viciously type your feelings online about it.

  10. C’mon maaaaan. Don’t make me call corn pop. He’ll press the button.

    Wrong button corn cob. That was the button for my diaper change maid. C’mon man. I need my corn flavored binks. How am I supposed to sleep in these conditions popcorn.

  11. I forgot the details but about the Korean Admiral story, I don't think he lost all other battles but one. Korea and Japan is very close, and there is a very narrow straight between the South Eastern side of Korea and Japan, so the main Japanese forces just crossed that straight and used land units to attack Korea and to advance to the Korea's capital which is near the centre of the Korean peninsular. The Japanese navy was a lot larger than Korea's, so even if the Admiral was tactically smart, it was not possible for him to "win" battles; mainly what he did was sort of harassing the Japanese navy so that they could not deliver food and other supplies to the main Japanese land forces. Even though he did not "win" battles, he greatly helped Korea (and the Ming Chinese army who had come to help Korea) to withstand the Japanese invasion, and made the war difficult for the Japanese until they finally retreated when their supreme leader in the Japanese mainland passed away. If it were not for him, the Japanese army would have conquered Korea and advanced to conquer the Chinese mainland.

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