Bitcoin CRASHES Below 20K For First Time In Years | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar update viewers on the state of crypto markets that saw Bitcoin drop below the 20K mark for the first time in years

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  1. I been saying it since i first heard about Crypto. It'll be used as just another scam for the wealthy to use to steal money from the middle and working class. When a currency can be devalued because a celeb billionaire tweets you know its a scam.

  2. I love how they talk about crypto as if “hey, we tried it and it didn’t work”, let’s move on. If we looked at the economy and panicked like we are about crypto, would give up on everything. You only lost the money if you sold. Have a little bit of confidence in the future you fools. Go ahead and sell your shit to me for $.20 on the dollar then. See you in 2030. Every major corporate balance sheet is going To have crypto in the future.

  3. Please god let crypto keep crashing and burning. I would like to be able to buy a video card for a computer sometime in the next 2-3 years, and between the electric energy usage and chip consumption of the mass crypto farms out there, its been horrible for both the environment AND the chip supply.

  4. The value of bitcoin (not crypto overall, bitcoin is unique in this) is the programmatic guarantee that no capital controls are ever possible with owning it. One other hard asset that has this is gold and has been the go to asset for that for 5,000 years and more. The main advantage bitcoin has over gold here would be its ability to be transferred globally at the cost of nothing because with gold you have to pay highly for security and time to get it transferred securely. Owning dollars, houses and so on are much better stores of value but you are putting yourself at the risk of government seizures. These are the trade offs. Owning bitcoin for speculation is not the main function of it and anyone doing that should know what they're doing and expect 80% draw downs as part of the four year cycle programmed into bitcoin's distribution.

  5. I felt weird hearing the repeated thanks from a close Friend after I reminded him to 'Not gamble with anything he couldn't afford to lose.' He sold off, and the bottom fell out. I simply replied, "It could have just as easily gone gang-busters, and you would have been upset you listened to me; hence the gamble!"

  6. Come on sagaar you know there’s gonna be blood, you’ve held bitcoin bud. The average bear market drop from tip of the bull’s horn to the bottom of the bear’s ass is 85%. Paired with all of the lending and betting I’m not surprised we broke beneath the previous all time highs ($20,000).And of course anyone keeping up knows we’ve never done that before. Keep the fear pedal to the floor I’m trading these drops and looking to move some of these bottomed out prices to non custodial wallets baby. Let’s gooooo!!!!

    By the way sagaar I know you’re buying some these lows in btc and probably some s&p plus Teslas and apples you’re not a dummy

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