BIZARRE: Something’s Wrong Here…

BIZARRE: Something’s Wrong Here…

This video explains the truth about the current situation and how something’s wrong here.

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Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


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  1. It's "fiscal policy", not "physical policy" lol. I love you Luke but you make it hard to share your stuff when people are like bro he can't even get simple English right

  2. Imagine what ole Milton Friedman would say about Biden, and his puppet masters, printing 80% of all dollars in circulation.
    *btw, you're now living in the Sunshine State, GET SOME SUN.

  3. Luke – please provide the full 15 point details of Putin's so-called "peace plan". No country would accept giving up even more of their land (huge coal, mineral, rare earth resources) and being forceful demiliatarised so that the aggressor can annihilate them next time around if a pro-Russian political puppet cannot be put in place by electoral manipulation (Yanukovich "won" on votes with up to 127% turnout in 2004).

    Best wishes, as ever!

  4. Printing money causes inflation, that's the leading cause of widespread inflation, that's fact, wtf?! WHERE AM I, idk the stupidity is too much, I may be taking up Elon on his Mars mission.

  5. the correct definition of the word INFLATION: an increase in the money supply. PERIOD. (anyone who says otherwise like we just saw in this video is a damn liar and an immoral person.) but hey… that is the definition of the word Politician, so it seems quite obvious he came to that absurd conclusion.

  6. 😂😂😂 our fucking president and senate instigated a war and now Ukrainians aren’t being let in. Russia and U.S. are in forces together and pushing the one world government. It’s easy to see.

  7. I obviously respect your non-violent / non-war stance. But you have yet to call out Ukraine for their genocidal acts against Donetsk and Lugansk! Nor have you discussed at any length the US biolabs found in Ukraine. Why is that?

  8. Luke why not exploit nato credibility. afgh evacuation has left 22 mil afgh half the population in famine stage. yemen syria lybia engagements continue. lots of war cash for the mic and ukr, but none to raise domestic crude, improve on essential comodities and zero 4stimulus. your DAILY emphasis shd be the domestic war on the mid class, the abject nato failure faimine in afgh. all after the total failed plandemic, no one went to jail pfizer and the media networks exploited a staged official panic

  9. Green narrative has to go first, it's the biggest threat to western economies and freedom and if you follow it back to it's roots, it came from communist russia. If people want to hate Russia to feel good about themselves, hate them for that, even tho it's not the same people now, they're still greatly benefiting from the west's suicide.

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