Bizarre: Squad Refuses Questions From Regular People. WHY?!?

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  1. I just want to thank Steph for everything from 14:24 forward. Thank you. Seriously. We need people of character to be our leaders. I would support ANYBODY who had the shared dreams of the common people at heart. Leaders need to fight and risk their position, or else they're just managers. AOC is nothing but a manager. Of the lowest kind. She's a manager that divides and sucks inspiration away from people. I wish she was a leader.

  2. Why are we still wasting so much energy on the squad when the few of us have known this ish for years. Let's focus on actions we can take towards real change. I just can't stomach these elected rodents anymore .

  3. Hey! I'm a huge fan, from Brazil, so I love this videos of your live shows 'cause it's the close I can get to know how it feels 🙂 Keep showing us more, please!

  4. These women are so embarrassing to me as a woman and a democratic socialist and i do question their clothing choices and I'm a fucking hippy ..they speak dress and behave like idiots and its not an accident its a marketing strategy for the democratic party and their careers..aoc's hand movements should be considered cultural and class appropriation of the most manipulative and disingenuous kind.

  5. Please don't question the activists its very uncomfortable for them ..we need to protect them from their base who might make demands and expect them to behave like fucking activists.

  6. AOC and Cori lookin like a rapper and a hype man talkin bout, “We told the promoter we wasn’t doin no songs without our bag knawmean?” With cori noddin in the backround like “you tell em son”

  7. ,The squad has never existed. It’s a creation of the media. The media created fake opposition so they can safely promote them and neutralize the real opposition. Unfortunately,  too many

  8. This crook AOC, Cori and the fraud squad only care about their $175K salary, and staying in 5 years so they can get their lifetime pension.

  9. Had I just seen the clip of Biden with the child and not known the background I would have found JD's responses gratuitous. If you're reacting like that then please look at the video clips of Biden with children.

  10. Love you guys. I know of Aaron Mate cause for many years Amy Goodman would rush to thank all the producers at the end of her show (Democracy Now) and it was always funny how it was like a speed contest and Aaron Mate's name always caught my attention. Little did I know he would break away and become the great observer that he is today. Jimmy Dore got my attention back around 2018, I think and I have been a fan ever since. Steff is the real "Mamma Bear" and I'm glad she's by Jimmy's side to keep him loved and warm. 🙂