BIZARRE Vaxx Theater Performed By Justin Trudeau Getting Boosted

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  1. Totally laughable lack of any correct method for injection as I understand it from several people who are properly trained in the method/technique for injecting people with these pharmaceutical products. This was a complete fake or the guy doing the injection should be fired. Total farce.

  2. N95 masks are only useful if they are fitted to the individual. If not your getting the same result as paper masks i.e. you may as well not wear a mask because they make no difference. Furthermore even if you wear a properly.fitted N95 mask it still makes no difference unless you wear goggles because the virus in the breath aerosol enters through the mucous membranes of the eyes as well. So let’s stop the utter nonsense regarding masks. FARCE masks don’t work.

  3. Keep up the good work Jimmy…expose these fraudulent people, their hypocrisy, their incredibly vacuous virtue, their smug lying and their shallowness as real people. They are all bit actors in their crummy little money spinning Covid theatre production….from celebrities to politicians to the media to the medical establishment…malfeasant malingerers flogging to death their mind numbing, pathetic, shitty little virtuous performances.

  4. Ontario public pseudo ‘health’-‘expert’, just a few days ago, announced a recommendation to start wearing masks again to ‘reduce the stress on hospitals and the health care system’.., !

  5. The chemist didn't pinch his skin on first needle and didn't go in all way, every leader in world lies to their citizens, for what, show us the contracts with pharma companies, there needs to be rebellion against these people, they don't have anyone best interest at heart, truly sickening

  6. The problem with this creep, is the majority of Canadians didn’t vote for him in the last election or even like him. In fact, the last poll stated 2/3rds of Canadians don’t want him as our PM.

  7. How gay crosses his legs like a fruit he has ant sized balls guess he isnt crushing anything with his legs crossed so tight he is a quiff its written allover him he might as well have Im gay written across the forehead he should have got the new one if any of it was real

  8. Sorry, but what red-blooded male, sits then crosses their legs and places their clasped hands on their lap as Trudeau just did? If you watch the video of Trudeau at the recent Climate Change Conference, Trudeau does actually mince when he's walking. I think he might well be in the closet, folks. And to be honest, I'm of the (personal) opinion that these stooges get jabbed with saline and not the booster.
    I work in the NHS here in the UK, and trust me on this, the IIR 3 Ply masks are only good for TWENTY MINUTES. And also consider this, if you can smell ANYTHING through your mask, it's not going to stop a virus getting through as some people think it will. Your safest bet are military grade, NBC, full-face sealed masks. And Trudeau's cloth mask is the worst, as they are worn over and over, never getting washed for days, if that.

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