Black Lives Matter Support CUT IN HALF, Leftists Lost ALL Support Gained This Year As Riots BACKFIRE

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  1. If some silly bullshit doesn’t make sense, THEN IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! People of every race & color get murdered, bullied, raped, & abused every day, WTF about them? Racism is pretty simple to see now isn’t it?

  2. Now BLM support looting, properly damage, and crime. The meaning BLM change lot and people started to abandon the movement because violence with man hunt.

  3. Woke corporations and regular brainwashed citizens have given billions to BLM. The BLM founders have become Millionaires and the DNC has gotten the bulk of the money funneled through Ad Blue. The rest of the money goes to operating expenses such as Burning, Looting, Rioting and Murder.

  4. My theory is by the time Blake got shot the other side of the story was starting to gain traction even with main stream media youtube twitter & facebook trying to suppress it. Add to that the violence being committed in the name of BLM & MSM lying and trying to say peaceful protests. Enough people were harmed financially or personally that spread the word to their friends you know how that works 6 degrees of separation. Indi journalists like yourself & Andy Ngo spreading the truth about what's going on & not sugar coating it. Finally pro sports getting into this whole mess by virtue signaling to folks with their supposed support for BLM. The normies have had enough. All of that combined has had the effect of causing folks to turn away. People are getting fed up with the narrative being forced on them. me thinks they do protest to much, so people are waking up and getting red pilled. I'd say come election night BLM will be down to maybe 6 percent on your chart if not lower. 1 or 2 more riots would be all it takes.

  5. Asians have a smaller drop off than Hispanics in BLM support because Asians are less working class, and live in more ivory towers than Hispanic people do. Asians are the concentrated minority equivalent of rich white suburbanites correctly interpreting "mostly peaceful" to mean "does not affect rich white [and Asian] people". Also, from a different angle, Asians are more likely to strongly identify as non-white than Hispanics do, who can alternate wildly between identifying as white and non-white depending on the person. That is to say, Asians are closer to black people in terms of being race-baitable. I'm hapa as well and from HI, so that's my take.

  6. Imagine how far their support would have tanked if every scumbag corporation in the country didn't all the sudden start pandering to them in July and August… I took pandora off my phone because every single commercial was BLM garbage.

  7. The problem for professional sports associating with BLM, is that it has become a poisoned chalice to be associated with, I have to wonder how much longer this will last? Should be interesting if they(professional sports)eventually distances themselves from that organization due to collapsing audience. Unless George Soros, Gates, and other billionaire lunkheads choose to continue paying their salary.

  8. I think you shold consider also also that it is extremely difficult for anybody in the US (and right now also in northern, western and southern Europe – eastern Europe is safe, for now) to state that you do NOT support BLM even if you are assured to remain anonimous. There is a constant fear of backlash. I feel it myself, even from another country. Possibly real numbers are even lower.

  9. I don't understand how someone can waiver that easly. I have I support something it takes an awful lot to make me move off my opinion. Not just willy-nilly I like something one week not the next. It's this clickbait b***** generation