Black Lives Matter’s Marxist Agenda EXPOSED

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. The Black Lives Matter movement has been hijacked!!!

    If you do a search for "BLM marxist" you will come across a video of one of the BLM organization's founders. In the video she boasts that the leadership has been educated in marxist ideology and trained in revolutionary tactics. It has become apparent that they are using the BLM movement to advance their own marxist socialist aka communist agenda. The benefit of the black community is not their primary goal. They equally treat concerns for LBGT and feminist values in order to draw more people that are discontent. They initiate 'cancel culture' of being 'woke' to create a psychological landscape that causes people to be in a mindset to monitor and report one another and to coerce people to go along out of fear. This also puts us in a divisive mindset where they are forcing us to pick a side and determining the choices to pick from. They chose black/white as the primary but not only division. They are trying to causie us to hate and fear each other.
    If you go to the BLM organization's website, and click on the '"about us" tab you can find their mission statement. It declares they are opposed to the traditional "nuclear" family and are in favor of an "it takes a village" approach to raise a child. If its unclear, that means they are against parents raising their children, and think children should be seperated from parents and raised by the state. This will let them control identity and values and beliefs of each citizen born. Then you let them go into this "woke" mentality 'cancel culture' where they monitor each other and report on one another to keep themselves in line with the ideology. They will determine what is right way to think and the wrong way to think. Tearing down statues, renaming buildings and streets, anything traditional that provides a sense of identity to anyone will have to go. They will soon exploit LBGT and pro choice feminism values to cause a division so they can demonize Christianity and Judaism probably. And then when the big ones are gone they will get rid of all the other religions. Religion is bad to them. Basically anything traditional that has to do with western civilization will end up being taboo.
    As a Korean American I love God, and my country America. I have extra gratitutde being a 1st generation Koreran born in this abundant, fair, free land. Both my parents came here a little after the war for college and had me and my brother. I remember when I was 13 my mother telling me she lost her father at my age. She proceeded to tell me one night the communists came and took her mother and father, my grandparents, away and she was left alone. She was 13 and left alone for 3 days. After 3 days of not knowing what happened to her parents, my grandmother came back and got her and they promptly left the country. They never saw my grandfather again.
    If the American army had not come to fight communism in Korea I would not be here today and I would probably be communist or dead. It grieves me that Korea is still divided and struggles communinsm to this day. I will always be grateful to the USA and to the American armed forces for saving so many koreans like me from communism.
    As someone that wants to honor the sacrifice of the blood spilled by those Americans and others that have shed their blood fighting communism and as someone that has lost memebers of my only family to communism, I can not support any political party or media resource that endorses a communist organization.
    God gave man 3 institutions. Family, Church, and Government. Communism will try to replace of all three thus establishing itself as the economy. All they need for government is a civil war so they can control the military. A revolution. The riots could eventually escalate and lead to one if they employed the proper propoganda to divide the people sufficiently and created a psychological atmosphere of paranoia (thinking everyone is out to get you yet always looking for triggers) and got rid of the police to force military intervention.
    There is a communist revolution happening right in front of our eyes and its disguised as the BLM. One of the worst parts is they are exploiting the suffering and struggles of our black community in order to carry out their agenda. Using it as a platform for actions they could not do otherwise. I can't see how the media isn't complicit. Liberal media is supporting this extreme far leftness either out of ignorance or collusion. Either way the choices of what they report on and the spin they choose makes it pretty clear which side they have taken. They are a big part of this mass brainwashing into this mob of collective paranoid schizophrenia we call triggered, cancelling, wokeness. In any case the communist tactic heavily focuses on misinformation and making sure people are unable to think for themselves so they can't tell the real information from the misinformation. We need to be aware of what is going on right in front of us and help others to see it also. Don't wait until its not PC to be Christian anymore. They will not rest until the family unit is gone, religion is gone, all capitalistic society traditions are gone, they have total thought and speech control, and dictate the lives of the masses by harsh means through fear and intimidation. There has never been a successful social state, it doesn't work and is extrememly oppresive and only works through exploitation.
    I plead with you. Please don't let what happened in my beloved Korea happen here in my beloved America! Modern America has the highest standard of living in the world in all of the world's history most likely. Even our poorest citizens live better than kings did 200 years ago. God has greatly blessed this country. Lets be thankful for what we have here in America and stand up to keep it from being destroyed! God bless America!

  2. MARXIST! MARXIST! MARXIST! They have the play book. Make the people fight one another…take their guns away, take the police away, repeal the 1st amendment, erase history, accuse others of what you are doing …it's working! People are STUPID AND EASILY LEAD BY THE MOB! BLM is the most DANGEROUS GROUP to the USA and our freedoms!!! WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE..YOU ARE BEING USED TO DESTROY THE USA!!!!

  3. I heard a BLM spokesman on radio suggesting that the "THE POLICE CAVALRY CHARGED the peaceful protestors" rather than "police woman thrown from horse and punctures lung after BLM throw bicycle at police horse, frightened horse bolted" …

  4. Thomas Jefferson said that US citizens should be free from a standing army. I am not sure if you saw the footage of the peaceful protesters but the Militarized Police brutalized the crowds. I think this counts as a „standing army“.

    Lincoln abolished slavery and yet the USA has the largest prison population in the history of the world who do hard labor for for profit prisons. They even became sanitation workers to end a union strike.

    A person does not need to buy into all of the BLM rhetoric. I don’t.

    But conservatives and libertarians who don‘t see some of the basic demands as legitimate are idiots.

  5. I laughed out loud when I read about one female BLM saying she was a "trained marxist". Shows you how stupid she is: she is/was so stupid she had to be trained to be even more stupid.

  6. Lefties love the environment so much they can't help sharing their rubbish, because cleaning it up is if not mummy's job then somebody else.

  7. KingChaziel on YouTube ex blm member is exposing the left elites agenda to start war with the right by using blm and antifa to start it. This is a globalist new world order agenda. The left elites wants us divided and at another civil war. The first civil war was South against North. Now they want one with right vs left. The evil vs. good its getting Biblical. The left is communist globalist with Luciferian agendas and the right is the narrow path and God's laws.

  8. The far left is turning everything not far left extreme right wing………………….This should scare everyone! Left leaning independents are now right wingers!

  9. It always surprises me that (superior) right wing you tube videos bring out many right wing extremist comments, is this encouraged or do you denounce such tittle tattle? Anyway marxism rules ??, England as a nation pretty much sucks, uppa the Scots and Welsh, och aye tha noo butty.

  10. So a colonized middle easterner standing infront of his post colonial masters flag in briton I am assuming where there's literally only a handful of non-white representative in the whole British power political structure while British officials have been pursuing neo colonial foreign policies [stealing Venezuela oil e.g.] says systemic racism doesn't exist in briton. ok.

  11. The girl saying I film their faces while they carried on not giving a flying f**k and these Antifa filming were covering their faces because of recognition! They are Cowards and Scum ?

  12. Being an American, ppl are waking up to this farce of a movement.
    De-fund the police?? lmao!
    Tell me, hows that working out for you Portland, Atlanta, NY, Chicago, LA???

  13. It is so refreshing to see this video. Two lovely, kind, intelligent and beautiful people talking. They see the problems of this country. They want to help. I think both should become politicians.

  14. University students in the USA have been indoctrinated in leftist ideology by their professors. This is especially true of certain disciplines such as sociology. Portland State University has been a strong promoter of "critical race theory". A good example of this is Ann Delessio-Parson. She is the woman professor who claims math is racist, and that cattle production in some South American cultures (Chile, Argentina) reflects "toxic masculinity". A Chilean student in her class was basically forced to drop the class when he confronted her claim as uninformed, since the terrain of his country is more suited to cattle production than normal farming. Unfortunately societal forces are causing professionals in many universities to accept critical race theory (cultural Marxism) or they are terminated from academia.