Black Man Destroys CHAZ/CHOP

You know a man is serious when he starts flipping tables. Seeya later #CHAZ or #CHOP or w/e. We’ve had enough of this #DumpsterFire. Our discord:


  1. Damn!!! The pathetic Antifa Marxist bullies cowered and whimpered behind their masks as a man with conviction stood up to them. He showed backbone and courage, traits that are almost never seen in our politicians. Vote democrat if you want Antifa and black lives matter coming to destroy your city. You see it happening. It’s obvious what it is and where it comes from. You know that if you do not fight it, you endorse it. So, what are YOU doing? All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to remain silent.

  2. Occupy Wallstreet lasted 2 months until the local police cleaned it out. The neighbors don't want these people living there. They are up all night banging drums and playing loud music.

  3. Ha! I bet their undies need a good cleaning out. Having a home in that area must have been hell on earth, like a PC version of Doom Eternal.

  4. He did what local government was afraid to do because of the optics ,I hope America can try to not see everything in terms of race because it just causes more racism it doesn’t reduce it ,this dude did what was right and all they had as a comeback was to question his blackness ,it’s sad

  5. Love how these guys are trying to justify what they did in this guy's home. "We're just trying to…"
    To what? Oust the police, destroy the city, and appoint your own corrupt ass LEOs? These people are so goddamn anti-police / anti-corruption that their impromptu police force murdered people and then tried to hide evidence to protect their own asses.