Black People Are Finally Realizing The Truth About BLM

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Written by Doc Rich


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  1. Name 1 scenario where it was necessary for 5 cops to empty there guns into an unarmed suspect, regardless of race. 1 scenario where it's necessary for a cop to shoot someone 3 or 4 times in the back when that person is unarmed. "They want to go home at the end of the day like everyone else"? I'm sure those dead people laying in the street with multiple bullets in them wanted to go home also. Don't get me wrong, I'm far from a fan of BLM…I never was.

  2. It's a regrettable fact of today's human nature that people, in general, will not accept responsibility for their actions. This is why we have laws regulating such poor behavior.
    Passing the buck is a way of life throughout the world with few exceptions.

  3. Everybody has asked the question, and they learned to ask it early of the abolitionists, 'What shall we do with the Negro?' I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us.

    Frederick Douglass

  4. BLM talks about how the white people have screwed the melanated people over & they use that narative to raise money. Then what's the first thing they do?? Screw the melanated people's over. No one penny spent on helping the melanated community with reck centers, Not one penny spent to improve the school's in melanated communities, Not one penny spent on park's in the melanated communities. It's all good though what comes around goes around. Just a shame they used the situation to raise millions & millions of dollars to put in their owne pockets.

  5. Doc Rich Finally you have said it don't take that in a bad way,
    Take racism out of aquasian totally agree and like you've said not very many people agree but I do
    Total Respect to you sir Doc Rich is Number 1

  6. Thank you for being a voice of reason in today’s political climate.

    I grew up in the late 60’s, early 70’s. I actually thought the racial divide had been conquered. I’m so disappointed with the way society is going right now.

  7. I have alot of friends from every color and back ground. I dont give a fuck where your from. or what color you are. And beloved black friends saw through BLM at the very start and so did I. Some of these peole are more closer racists if they believe looting rioting and complete anarky and doublecstandard racisim is a great thing. By the way I hope you feel better. Gy6.

  8. The truth is ALL large non-profits are corrupt. Just pick one, the Red Cross, NRA, BLM, Clinton Foundation, Gates Foundation, …….. Sorry, only give to small charities where you personally know the people running and how they are spending the money.

  9. Hey Doc! Would you consider reacting to a guy by the name of Matthew Cooke? He put out a video called "A Wake Up Call for Republicans" a couple years ago after the election and it's filled with so many lies and delusions. And that's not the only video he's put out against conservatives/Republicans. Haven't seen any conservative do a good takedown of him. Appreciate what you do man

  10. There are some low brow black people who hate the cops because they stop their bad behaviour. But when they are in trouble the first people they call are the cops. Without law and order you cannot progress as a society.

  11. @2:49 When police officers use the n-word, they are probably black too. Just like black rappers think it’s perfectly fine to keep using that word all the time.
    It’s funny that black people seem to think that entire police corps consists of only white people. Ignoring all the black, hispanic, asian, etc police officers. But it seems like lots of people are being racist themselves by generalizing like this. The world isn’t just black and white.

  12. I agree. People always used to say that "we need to have the race conversation" (some still do). But then we tried to have this conversation nationally and politically and I have actually lost friends who said that because I am white I should stay out of the conversation though I am being villainized for being white. The race conversation always results in emotionally driven arguing and shouting, defensive posturing, voicing of opinions that are based on ignorance, accusations of racism and in the end it always results in devision. Ive been told I was racist for talking about it though I said nothing even remotely racist and was also told that I must be mad that slavery was ended just because I gave an ignorant individual an accurate and detailed account of the civil war and why it happened even though I had not given a single opinion on the matter and was only trying to educate her. I have heard others being called racist and people calling other people racist simply for asking about a black persons daily grooming and hygiene routines and the poor girl was seriously trying to understand and learn about the culture (she was a hair dresser and wanted to learn about what it takes to care for black peoples hair to improve her job performance by asking a black person). How can we understand what eachother goes through unless we ask? Some people form opinions about others from hearsay or speculation but if we cant even ask questions regarding an individual's culture than we never learn anything and we will remain ignorant but if we cant askll questions without fighting than we are stuck with no choice but to speculate. Until we get to a point where as a society we stop treating every topic regarding race, religion, culture, etc as a sensitive topic and stop injecting personal feelings and emotions into the conversations regarding those topics we just need to stop talking about them altogether and just live our lives.

  13. The issue that I have with this is that BLM is an organization just like any other. The fact that people are surprised and decide to keep talking about this is amazing. To me they decide to talk about this in order to minimize the movement. BLM the Organization is a farce, but BLM the movement is still strong and still going and has been going for decades. Let's not get caught up in what its REALLY about Doc. Also, the riots were not caused by BLM, they were caused by bad actors, which is always the case. Please focus on the movement, not the organization.

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