Black Trump Supporter Killed Following Fight Over His Trump 2020 Sign, Supporters Call Him Martyr

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  1. Actual terrorists operating under the guise of BLM. Rastaman was all about peace and love, they killed him in cold blood because he had a different opinion to them.

  2. Re Q-Anon…..TIM "I hear it's just alot of bunk nonsense" You HEAR, but you don't investigate or interview a noted supporter or follower…..that's NOT journalism.

  3. Where are all the outraged trump supporters? Why isn't this on fox news? Where the hell is All Lives Matter? I don't get it. Isn't this "one of your guys"? I haven't heard this mentioned anywhere but republicans talk all day and night about how BLM doesn't care. So instead of blaming this yet again on democrats ask yourself where are the republicans. They give no mention to a man clearly supporting what they do but obviously they don't care. I wonder why?

  4. Well done Tim

    No person should lose their life because of their own views and beliefs that are protected under the 1st Amendment

    I give it about 10 days until either the Insurrection Act is invoked or Martial Law is declared

    Btw….young people are not college educated – they are CCP indoctrinated… for the last 2 decades

  5. I can’t believe people are still crying about Trump being president. “Not my president” , “if he wins I’m leaving the country” , “impeach Trump” , “ please Vote him out this year” ….

  6. 18:41

    But wait, Tim, didn't you go to bat for all those conservative and alternate Twitter accounts on the basis of platform vs publisher? Didn't we all conclude that Twitter should be considered a publisher because they aren't a platform by definition due to censorship? Why are you backtracking on this point now?

  7. Please ask all the patriots to take out the flags to show the love of the country and President and his cabinet it will give them a lot of strength and it will also help the elections. Anyone who has heard what was going on in Congress today can see how great the hatred of the Democrats is. It's really disgusting and let them show that the majority is with us.

    And maybe the demonstrations will stop or they will silence and not kill people who have not sinned. And maybe they will understand from the fact that we do not want wars, we want a quiet and peaceful life with a shepherd who only cares for his flock and not for himself, then he has everything.

  8. Lol, just finished making a point that it's poor areas with lots of crime. Even emphasized not black. And then Says mostly white people from the rich area demand defunding of popo. "That's shockingly racist." No you idjit, it's not at all shockingly classist.

  9. Tim it hasn't become a slogan. Now you're being fake news. BLM from the beginning has been funded by George Soros, a Nazi sympathizer, and from the beginning has been about communism.

  10. I think it is time all of us trump supporters need to stand up and make all the kids set down or we can help them set iam dun with this we are letting them do it and let them get away with it..??☠