#BlackLivesMatter Supports The Worst People | New Information Released On Jacob Blake & George Floyd

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  1. Thanks for the video – I only started watching you channel when you covered the Johnny Depp vs Amber but really like hearing your views on other issues. Keep it up Tristen ☺️ thanks again!

  2. Social media has become the biggest manipulation machine. Easily swayed emotionally by images instead of context. They only see black and white. It's weird that BLM donation go to ActBlue which is a democrat machine, which is fine if you are, but very suspicious.

  3. Its amazing how far leftists will swallow bs talking points by corporate media. The whole thing with the legacy Democrats using radical leftists
    reminds me of the line from Demolition Man
    "If you think you have this maniac under control, trust me, you don't."

  4. Huh. When I tried to run this video on my app, I had a notification that “warned” me this was inappropriate and offensive. THINKING FACE.

  5. When I clicked this video, YouTube asked me if I wanted to watch this because “some might deem this video offensive”… yep. I’m guessing YouTube is going to make this video hard to find, if not subscribed. Be prepared for YouTube to do some unfair things to your channel.

  6. I do think that if Biden wins and another unfortunate incident happens the media will not cover that situation with the intensity it is now. I think if Blake had not resisted arrest, he wouldn't have been shot, but once again the media edits the situation to show their view, but I do think seven shots is a bit much.

  7. I am always on your side with your approach and boldness and on the really egregious Shaun King types. I am all of a bold speaker like you. Those guys didn’t need to be shot or killed and the mobs and riots really don’t need to occur either. Sometimes a cop dies if they don’t and that’s when they must.

  8. The media, as well as these terrorist, know exactly what they're doing. They don't care about the truth. It doesn't matter If it was justified or in self defense. They want to promote chaos and division as part of their destructive political agenda.
    Thanks for speaking up about this Tristen, It takes a great deal of bravery these days.

  9. Early Warning Signs of Fascism = Far Left
    Powerful and continuing nationalism
    Disdain for human rights
    Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
    Supremacy of the military
    Rampant sexism
    Controlled mass media
    Obsession with national security
    Religion and government intertwined
    Corporate power protected
    Labor [sic] power suppressed
    Disdain for intellectuals & the arts
    Obsession with crime & punishment
    Rampant cronyism & corruption
    Fraudulent elections

  10. With out the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Your Bitching about Black Live Masters Means Nothing. An You Actions Are Going to be the REASON We Wont Ether. This Is WRONG. An You All Know IT. GET OVER YOUR SELVES.
    All Lives Matter. Hate me If You Fell The Need. IM So Done With This Shit. We are all Human. Yet In Current Year You Have To Be Skin. Sad. Bigotry is the norm. Sad. Wrong.
    The world will Burn if you don't stop the foolishness. Yet Meany of you don't care. Your so stuck on the past. GET OVER YOUR SELVES.

  11. SJWs/Radical-Feminists/NPCs are all NARCISSISTS. That is the mentality. In their minds: 1. Never wrong, 2. Nearly always have the right answer, 3. Look at people as objects to be manipulated, 4. Delusions of grandeur, 5. Have NO conscience about ruining people to further themselves in their social standing. 6. Blame others as Scape goaters for there crimes. 7. Rules For Thee and not me.

  12. "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

  13. I think the idea is that no matter what crime they are or were guilty of, the police shouldn’t be killing them. That’s not their function. They are only supposed to transport suspected criminals to the courts. We don’t have a public executioner in America like Saudi Arabia…

    This is basic elementary civics shit.

    That’s what “black lives matter” means…

  14. I don't see how telling the truth about current events is more harmful to children than channels literally dedicated to perverting a child's mind into sexual deviancy. Then again, I'm not a jew.

  15. So being accused of a crime warrants an extra judicial execution? If Blake has all these warrants, why isn't he listed as a suspect in custody? If George Floyd died of an overdose, why is his cause of death listed as a homicide by the medical examiner?

  16. I heard the man in Kenosha had 3 kids in the car as well. Do they just let him drive away? Also, Police have a right to defend themselves! They have families to! They were called to the scene to help! Do they wait till they start getting shot at before they do anything?! Also, people are talking about too many times shot. Especially if someone is on drugs, it can take a lot to stop someone. They can keep going long enough to kill someone. It's not out of racism or anger, it's to stop a person to protect human life, which this man in Kenosha did not seem to have regard for. And the recurrent question in all of these cases that hasn't been addressed by mainstream media, why are these people resisting arrest !?! I've seen video of people resisting arrest and the cops hold their bullets and the cops die. One perp does exactly what this man did and went for the driver's side, pulled out a gun, and shot both police officers. They had their guns drawn but were afraid to shoot, so they were shot. I would like to thank these police officers in both these cases for protecting their lives and others. It is disgusting, evil, communist propaganda the mainstream media and politicians are not thanking them, but in fact the opposite, by lieing about what happened qnd causing further racial divide, ALL based on lies! And these people believe it and defend these criminals.

  17. That's a new one, when I clicked on this video a pop up came up saying that this was flagged as offensive content and did I want to proceed. YouTube is really starting to get on my nerves with their sensorship. Great video Tristan!

  18. All I can say about this is if the leader of your country can't control himself on social media, how can you expect anyone else to. Lying seems to be a national pass time everywhere in the world. Can you imagine if the people, whether they are politicians, police, newspapers, teachers or absolutely anyone who puts out anything on any platform, that could cause a riot, were charged for the damage caused by the riot? Once that happens a couple of times people would think twice about what they post. Freedom of speech doesn't equal freedom to instigated violence. The root cause of all this is what we globally allow to happen.

  19. What fed me up the most there are some stupid people who are full ignorant. They don't do deep research, and I can't believe they fund this criminal guy. All I can say that I will wait until they release full leak body cam video about Jacob. It's best don't jump into conclusion like it happened to George leak body cam video. By the way, I think I am sure you are already aware of this but I did not get notification from your channel. I think YT is targeting at you for censoring. This makes me sad.

  20. Hello Miss Tristen !!! Warning label with this Vid and you Tube censorship on the Self Defense vid.( What The Hell)
    Still Subbed, Like Button Illuminated !!!
    Know That I am watching and listening
    Give them the Truth and Facts No mater how much Censorship they Throw at the News STAND!!!???????

  21. Why don't you talk about how fucked our president is too? Like don't you remember how our so called president was accused of rape. ??? Keep the same energy. Just seems like you got a complete biased on the BLM movement. ? You just lost a subscriber. And I hope you lose more with your ignorance..

  22. I'm just now getting a notification for this and it came with a trigger warning! Sorry that you have to go through such bullshit, friend. You don't deserve it.

  23. Hi Tristen, Wow !! so if you point out the truth, you have to come with a "Health Warning" !! That says a lot about Big Tech right now, doesn`t it, especially when Antifa use Twitter to arrange their machinations without any scrutiny or interruption !! Keep up the good work, Tristen, but stay safe !!