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  1. Hello Jackson,

    maybe you are interesting in more problems we have in Europe/Germany.

    We are not only threatened by our government but also internally by radical Muslims.

    Example: That happens today, when you want to clarify critical passages in the Qur'an and ask Muslims to delete the 27 killing orders for "Infidels" and the Sharia.

    Michael Stürzenberger and his team from BPE were threatened and thrown at with hard objects. The moderator was injured on the ground and the police did NOTHING! A shame!

  2. Venezuela today just told the EU they get no more oil on top of that they are predicting the coldest winter and over 100 years we're going to sit here and literally watch people freeze to death

  3. UK my country said they may as in might do blackouts. We don't have the same problems as Europe but what we do have is price hikes out of control as you talked about. We are lucky as we have our own gas terminals but our stupid government sold the utilities to private companies This means either high prices or they sell to Germany France and so on. Here is one that is so stupid makes people either laugh or cry Gas puts out most electric but it is close as the next biggest amount of electric power is from Wind all because our government sold off our Power utilities under thatcher. On your comments Jackson on another pod cast I was talking to another British person to re buy our Gas electric utilities it will cost our government nearly 4 billion pounds. Yet our stupid government is going to give people about £600 each to help cover the bills which comes to over 6.5 Billion pounds. Simple math tells you buy back the utilities and control the prices. Then there is no problem for the UK my country. Yet our government just bought out of date so called new Vaccines that will never ever work and be safe for people. and will pay 6.5 Billion pounds makes no common sense at all. Mr Corbyn said just buy the utilities back quicker to solve the problem and will cost far less.

  4. How did they get to this point? The cult of woke personality…. and WEF…. and the decades of deliberate social re-engineering starting with schools no longer teaching critical thinking skills in favour of woke ideology. Where's Greta? Surely she's got the answer for all this.

  5. In Germany only 15 per-cent of Germans voted for the GREEN party. 85 per-cent did not! When German citizens are very cold and their children are very cold in their homes there is certain to be an angry reaction.The politicians aren't the solution ( they never will be) They are the REAL problem! England and Germany are being BETRAYED and ABUSED by treacherous politicians. Time for a REVOLUTION ! Crimes against humanity deserve severe punishment! Globalists are PURE EVIL. And so is much of the main stream media! Payback time is urgently needed!

  6. Everything is going according to plan in Europe. That's what I believe. Everything is deliberate and calculated and Putin unknowingly helping them to achieve Netzero. UK to follow because our politicians have the lost the watermelons.

  7. This is all manufactured crisis to get people angry enough to go to war. Fire the politicians running things replace them with honest people that want to and will serve the people and all this goes away. Keep these criminals in charge and everything just continues to get worse. Simple!

  8. EU esposed over these years how well they where doing for their green agenda,, now they got what they were pushing on everyone and now they're howling and writhing in anguish about how unfair it is for them, hypocrisy! Ha

  9. I an so happy France will be facing this
    For me they deserve it
    Because of them the people in my country are living like this since 2016 (cold winters without heaters). If those b*tchs had begun to extract our gaz, nothing wrong whould have happend, but those degenerates didn't do it. this what they deserve

  10. There's no crisis plenty of Russian gas cheap there's a stupidity problem you vote those idiot in and got sucked in to the great green bullshit the worlds been here longer than you and is gonna be here when the humans are gone but you have to pay for someone's greedy bullshit real brght

  11. Tom Luongo has an interesting theory on how the old colonialist powers aka the Davos crowd are getting hit from 2 sides – the Putin fair world order alliance realpolitik & the Fed decoupling from ECB. Get Tom on for your audience. Fascinating

  12. Not sure how France is more susceptible than Germany because France has a lot of nuclear reactors. 56 to be precise.
    Germany has 6.
    Russia has 38.
    US 93.
    France has more than half of the US total.

  13. Dunkelflaute!!! The Germans even have a word for the problem with Green energy: Dunkelflaute means when the sun don't shine and the wind don't blow. This Winter we'll have Krispy Krauts.

  14. Putin has Europe by the short hairs and because of their idiotic green environment policies there is little they can do about it. What's funnier is that they act like they're surprised that Putin stabbed them in the back. There will probably be civil unrest in Europe this winter.

  15. I can’t wait when the rest of the world decides to invade our shores and we have to ask them to wait until the sun comes up so we can charge or EV tanks and jets. Let’s face it, we are selling our fuel reserves so this situation isn’t as unlikely as it might seem.

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