BlackRock Behemoth SURGES As Almost 20% Of Households Lose ALL Of Their Savings During Pandemic

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to Blackrock’s massive profits, plus new reporting on the financial devastation caused by the pandemic.

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  1. The covid epidemic was planned. Does anyone remember when Trump stated( at some point before the epidemic) that there would be more billionaires created than any other time in history? He and many others knew the pandemic was coming and they set them selves up to profit from it and take advantage of the people who would have losses

  2. THEY ARE THE 4th BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT ~~ 7 worldwide banks ~ interests in all others that matter ~~ Serco control over 16 of the most productive countries ~~ "editorial rights" in ALL major medias ~~ This easy when you own a country's monetary & tax systems ~~ They write our banking laws and Congress just "Rubber Stamps" them ~~ Trump knew their GAME and their POWER has manipulated "everything"…

    Major landmark takeovers for them 1871 ~ 1913 ~ 1933

  3. One way to resolve this issue of land grab, is to revisit the Treaties made with the Native American Indians.

    This would put a full stop on rich billionaires, buying up lands, resources and watersheds, as over 90% of the treaties wrre never honored due to government greed in the first place!

    The American Dream, no longer belongs to the common American but to thr ultra wealthy, with oppressive system that will squeeze out the last of the middle class!

  4. If I had a business and they think they can just pick up the phone to tell me what to do, I'd be like "f^ck off – you're free to sell off your 5% stake if you don't like it". The worst that would happen is that the stock dips 5-10% for that day, and it'll fully recover by the next trading day after other investors pick it up!

  5. Forever renters. Dooming Americans to be forever indentured to the system – even more so than now. Own nothing at all to pass on to your children for all the hard work you put in for they will become the next generation of indentureds and the cycle continues worsening with each generation.

  6. I am a conspiracy realist.

    Vanguard and Black Rock are stake holders in all industry, media, academia, and politics.

    Vanguard and Black Rock invest in each other through something called circular ownership.

    Thus, consider Vanguard and Black Rock as a monopoly that owns everything.

    With due diligence you will discover that the major stake holders of this monopoly are

    -Rothschild family
    -Du Pont family
    -Rockefeller family
    -Carnegie family
    -Orsini Family
    -American Bush family
    -British Royal family

    They use the following foundations to ferment chaos around the world

    Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
    Soros Open Society foundation
    Clinton foundation

    These foundations are instrumental for geopolitical destabilization.

    Chaos is good for business and power acquisition.

    Only a divinely inspired force can overcome this Goliath.

    The world will be redeemed by acts of goodness and kindness.

    We need collective divine consciousness in order to merit divine intervention.

    The owners of the vanguard/black rock monopoly are a manifestation of the primordial serpent.

    I am VERY optimistic about an upcoming redemptive event that will rebalance our dark world.

    Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

    Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

  7. They are behind the Big Pharma, the Rothchild, mandating the jabs, yes, they are monoploizing the World finances. CORRUPT, CORRUPTION, BEHIND EVERYTING….Thank you for bringing the BlackRock into the forfront scrutiny. The owner, is Larry Fink & hardly in the news nor can you find any info. During Trump Administration, there was a mention of BlkRock was taking over the FED??? so what is really going on?!!

  8. Too big which means the company did receive huge amount of the monies from project and development in exchange such as more monies from investors and as well as more monies come from consumers. Once the relationship to the consumers weak and they still receive huge monies from investors that they promote lie to investors The investors lost big income and principal. That is the too big too fail

  9. The overbought shares that lead oversold share. That is the too big too fail. The bought you hand out capitals the sold you withdraw investment. But you loss become as well as principle. This is the too big too fail. The few make the most in overbought and the few did make the most in oversold. That the candlelight that you show it long up and long down from the stock report chart.

  10. When the investors lost monies. The fail to control service cost and also products and food everyday. Because the lost companies and institutions that liquidate that lead inflation.

  11. If something is too big to fail, only way forward is to make it smaller..
    Unfortunately, they own those who should have responsibility and mandate to make them smaller.

  12. From weather from virus. From attack the Wall Street. From attack the capital. From more people need charity service. From more things under the capital rugs postpone to fix

  13. They lobby with the commander and chief watch over our nation investment. Which means managers and CEO run institutions and companies meet secretly with the commander and chief neglect the safety so that they able to earn big

  14. In the last 20 years we did see big business as home fail and big business aboard fail and big amount of investors lost big monies in investments and the few earn big no fail

  15. We must ask the the institutions and companies make 10% return in every week or every months or every quarters or every 6 months or every years. This will prevent the market crash. They will have to control inflation. Cause by bad weather cause by terrorism cause by warlord. Cause by virus. Cause by crook managers or workers or CEO

  16. There is an unfortunate general impression in America that these are "American Corporations" and, therefore, probably have our best interests at heart. These are ALL multinational conglomerates; Only American in name at this point. I think it is the media's responsibility to dispel these myths.

  17. The Important Question: Who owns It? Who's on the Board? What are their Politics and Agendas. How are they funded bc I heard the Gov gives them fund to buy homes with to provide low income housing for rent.

  18. The question is always: Qui bono? (who benefits?) when you want to figure out who is really behind the particular crisis… like this plan-demic/scam-demic, climate alarmism etc…

  19. Larry Fink since 1988 has been playing Monopoly, not the board game but with the whole world economy. He is up to 7% of the world and the percent is going up each year. Fidelity and Vanguard also have tremendous power and influence.

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