BlackRock Owns the UK

The WEF’s ESGs Are the Mark of the Beast

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  1. Prediction: the people of the UK will continue to do nothing, say nothing, not fight back, not band together, not wake up, not take a stand, let them push you around, and lie in the bed they made themselves. Just like all other peoples of all other countries. Endless intellectualism and absolutely zero action.

  2. Wait they want to put up the prices in the pubs on beer 🍺 on top of the hike in electricity ⚡️ well that’s the final nail in the coffin then for the pub 🤨🤨🤨🦨💨

  3. And the "funnest" part of it is, Blackrock et al are under contract with the US government for "social programs" investments. In simpler terms, they invest taxpayer money to screw over the taxpayer.

  4. Don't forget that BlackRock have their own small army. There are/were a mercenary company. They've been involved in some shady business.
    It's almost like they are copying James bond's villains & trying to get world domination…… Oh wait a minute…..

  5. The state of British politics is the perfect example of why Brexit was a catastrophic mistake. We don’t have a system capable to govern. It’s irrelevant who is in power, they are all cut from the same cloth. If you were a global investor the UK is the last place to risk your money. A broken country isolated on the outside of Europe. Every service is broken, Education, the Police, the NHS, the Civil Service, local Councils, none of the above work properly. Try speaking to someone in your local council, no chance, they are all ‘working’ from home.

  6. Kinda sounds like a coup to overthrow the vote and put Rishi in anyway?

    Also, how does that ESG investment thing even work? The sole purpose of an investment fund is to EARN money, how does that happen when the funds assets are basically used to blackmail companies into unsound business decisions?

  7. I've never hated the politics, politicians, lawmakers, police and judiciary of this country as much as I do now. They genuinely hate us too, so why bother? I've always mocked anarchists but I'm starting to see the point

  8. What the fuck are the Tory MPs doing proposing: a criminal, American, not quite a billionaire. Of course he lost.
    The should have know that the membership would not stand for it and given a few weeks nether would the public.
    I must assume that Labour are correct and they want patronage form him

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