Blackstone vs Blackrock – What Is The Difference and Do They Run The World?

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Blackrock and Blackstone are finance companies that control trillions of dollars worth of assets between them. There is a good chance that some of your money is controlled by one of these companies without you even knowing about it.

Blackrock was one of the largest investors in the ill fated FTX and Blackstone has been blamed for single handily causing the housing affordability crisis.

But how do these companies actually work and are they really the most evil businesses in the world?

Well no… sorry to ruin the fun, but if you remove the ominous sounding background music and carefully selected headlines, these are just regular investment firms like any other, not bad, not terrible.

But I think the best way for you to realise this is to get a clear breakdown of how these companies operate.

So it’s time to learn How Money Works to find out how these companies make their money, and who they answer to, so that you can make up your own mind.


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  1. There is something to be said about the philosophy of always trying to grow and expand instead of sometimes just taking a step back (atleast in the short-term) that is worrisome. It's caused a lot of problems in Tech and clearly also leads to companies like Blackstone screwing over people looking for housing

  2. If you choose a job where you "have a fiduciary duty" to exploit when you have the chance to, then it's still you that's evil. Your whole line or justification is very weak.

  3. The big problem with companies like Blackrock, Vanguard etc is that when you “buy shares” with them your not actually buying shares, they are buying shares with your money and they legally own them along with the voting rights that come with them! Don’t “buy shares” with a fund manager or your derogating your voting rights to another entity who may or may not vote the same way you would have!

  4. 5 companies control over 20 tril in assets and have a finger on the direction of the entire economy and are required by law to prioritize profit over anything else….but nah their name is the reason why is unsophisticated folk find them scary.

    This video is a perfect example of how smart people are the most vulnerable to mental gymnastics.

  5. I would like to see the status on the percentage of new homes that are bought but investors. That would provide more insight to their impact than how much of the overall market they own.

  6. What you described would be true if such a thing as ESG didn't exist. This is just another name for social credit score. Without it you're right, it's just another investment company, with it it's a partisan political actor.

  7. I literally didn’t know I work for State Street, until checking the major shareholders, good chance that you work for them too if you work, if you work in a more than boutique sized company.

  8. Blackstone may be overpaying for noninvestment properties. However, once the property they buy becomes an investment, it is a steal since ROI and ROA are exceptionally high on properties.

  9. Ok, I get your argument. However how can you explain the ESG scores and "transition to stakeholder capitalism" that Larry fink himself is pushing?
    Stakeholder capitalism and ESG are diametrically opposed to the concept of fiduciary duty. Regardless of what these investment firms tell you.
    Hiring decisions based on various identity quotas instead of purely merit is not in the best interest of shareholders.
    Spending millions on diversity and inclusion departments to police such a thing is not in the best interest of shareholders.
    Utilizing more expensive and less efficient technologies for the sole purpose of the environment is not in the best interest of shareholders.

  10. I guess one of the problems is, companies are expected to do everything legal and in their power to make more money for their investors, but only over the short-term. If they crash their own market or bubble their assets, they won't be the only ones who suffer.

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