BLAINE L. PARDOE Discusses Battletech Firing – RazörForce Offensive

Cancel Culture gets CORED on today’s Offensive, as Battletech creator Blaine Lee Pardoe sits down for a full interview to discuss his recent ignominious dismissal, the need to create alternate media, and of course: Giant Stompy Robots.

Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. About 3 years ago I started little by little getting into Battletech due to how awful that certain other SCIFI universe was getting, gotten a dozen or so books, a couple of games and was looking to get into the miniature aspect as well, but seeing the way the company treats someone so important to the franchise I am not getting a single product that is not bought directly from another individual and I am going to send as much per mail to the company, just a drop in the ocean to be sure, but a few thousand people doing this and change will happen.

  2. I'm on board with the Iron Age creators…I have my book, The Rooster Rider, on sale on Amazon and Barnes n Noble. It is a non-woke tale of a knight shrunk by a witch's evil spell, aimed at kids 8-13. We can do it, we can hurl our stones against the fortress of wokeism.

  3. I am personally very disappointed in CGL's treatment of Mr. Pardoe. The very first BT novel I ever read was Exodus Road, and I love Forever Faithful as it is the final fulfillment of the story that was began in ER. Personally for the moment I am choosing to purchase from both CGL and Mr. Pardoe so long as they continue to produce products that I like; on that front, I'm not too worried about Pardoe, but I will be watching CGL's products closely.

    Aside from that, I didn't know that Mr. Pardoe was a WWI historian. As a somewhat amateur scholar of WWI I will have to look into his writings on that subject.

  4. Been into battletech since I was 9 when a Camp staffer brought an atlas and a wasp mini to show us…. and told me about the successor states I'm now 40 and at a loss over this.

  5. For all the heroism some may say they embody, it is their methods that prove their heart.
    They say they are trying to improve society, yet…
    They are Petty
    They are Hateful (yes hateful)
    They are willing to destroy.

    Sorry, those people have no heroic marks

  6. The fact that the same people who decry harassment and cyberbullying reward literal stalkers tells you everything

    Hell, even Liana K, a progressive feminist, got stalked both online and IRL by a member of Feminist Frequency for making diplomatic videos that argued that cleavage wasn't inherently misogynistic

    These sorts of unhinged psychos have always and will always be around, but because they figured out how to masquerade their creepy stalker behavior as political activism, they're enabled and rewarded for that shit

    IIRC, there are laws against firing somebody because a stalker complained about them, so if someone is doing this shit to you, document it meticulously, then file a restraining order against them, and alert any employer of yours that you have a stalker (in writing), companies aren't gonna stop caving to these psychos until they realize that such cowardice is asking for a lawsuit

  7. I can tell you exactly why they're mad: because they know their empire, even if they set it up, will crumble. It may not fall in a fortnite, and it will cause a lot of damage during its tenure, but it will fall. And a story like Blaine's just cements that, and they can't stand it. That's why they hate it, and that's why they hate him, whether they realize it, or not.

    This is a new age and unless you are actively engaged in a case like for example Sargon against Akillahobviously being quiet will destroy you.
    Your story should be shared! Your story should be plastered across all social media channels. You should be on fan streams every day shilling your new projects and explaining to the fanbase what your situation is. You should make yourself UNFIREABLE the same way these crazy leftoids do by calling the company racist, sexist or whatever the second they catch a whiff of a pink slip.

  9. If you are high profile within a company and you are outspoken about your political views which may be in conflict with the bottom line of a company which pays for your services they will replace you. This is simply about protecting profits. He knows that. He can say whatever he wants and Topps, who owns Catalyst , as employers have the right to no longer pay him. He knows all this.

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