BLM Activist CHARGED For Money laundering, Buying Property With BLM Donations

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  1. ?If Democrats win on Nov (3), all of US will remember President Trump when our children, wives, husbands, relatives and friends are lining up to receive our rations from bread and soup lines due to Democrats’s wicked, deprave and destructive socialist policies.?

    ??Black American??‍?

  2. He didn't pay taxes. Usually people pay income taxes when they get a salary from their business or organization. The IRS will get you sooner or later. That's why accountants get paid so much. They will steer you on the right side of the law.

  3. Ok, I just have one little bitty issue with the vlog. I think it is a huge stretch to say maybe he didn't know what he was doing! First and foremost I believe we should refrain from making a judgement and decision, until all proof and evidence is known. The appearance of the situation and arrest definitely does not look good for this man. The biggest problem is when everyone jumps on the bandwagon forming an opinion about someone when it is arrogant and ludicrous to think we know what goes on in their head. Innocent until proven guilty.? Am I wrong?

  4. Every single one of these Commies just cant help themselves, They actually love Capitalism- they just want to be Given money rather work for it.
    Every Single Communist is a just a greedy lazy scumbag

  5. Breaking: Top Officials in Marxist Political Movement Exploit Resources for Their Own Benefit
    Also: How Everyday Readers Misunderstand the Deadly Meaning of the Term Marxist

    In Other News : ( insert tautology here )

  6. I have to unsubscribe Tim, empathy for stealing! Profiting off the death of black children?? Then go on to give him a "how to" do it better.??? Disappointed in you dude!

    TRUMP 2020 ???