BLM Block Hospital Road Yelling “We hope They Die” After Two Cops AMBUSHED And SHOT Nearly Dying

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  1. And tim so you don't think they about burning this country down they sing an dance an say how happy they are a natzi died Jay was walking down the street and they targeted him for having a different opinion they thought he was trump supporter

  2. I think it's time to count the BLM rioters as domestic terrorists and also charge them as hate criminals. They are infringing on other citizens rights and I think it should be considered stalking, harassment and hate crimes against the two ambushed officers. The other officers who were threatened should take it seriously and arrest the BLM rioters – can't they be held in jail for 24-48 hrs until having to be charged – maybe they should enjoy the LA jail system…… and since they're not charged yet they can't be bailed out. At least they have all these hate criminal's faces on film from the hospital system and can investigate them.

  3. This was a terrorist attack followed up by terroristic threats at a hospital! The Democrats endorse this madness! Defunding the police has never been what they want, they want power! Without police and through fear, straight up power! This will just continue to escalate until November. I weep for the future.

  4. Love “Gateway Pundit”. George Floyd probably died from something else.
    Wake up!!! They want a brutal dictatorship and don’t think for one minute they won’t want a purge.

  5. It's so fucking far past time we put this shit down HARD. I'm past "use live ammo" and I'm so far in the lane of use fucking A-10s at this point it's not even funny.

    You wanna know who's rhetoric is getting the far right worked up? It's the far lefts. I know so many people who have went from very Libertarian to very authoritarian during these riots. And I can't help but admit a lot of my libertarian ideals are gone because of it.

    It's at the point the police need to get the fuck out of the way and let us take care of it since they clearly fucking wont.

    Our Founding Father's would be absolutely disgusted with us. Absolutely fucking disgusted.

  6. Man, it's really hard to actually be happy in this day and age when
    you have lunatics like these out and about, they've really made this
    life a lot more depressing.

  7. ATTENTION: how would protesters all find out the cops got shot, all dropped what they were doing, and all met at the same spot to block the ambulance all before the cops could get to the hospital and before media got there too. BULLSHIT!!!TRUMP SUPPORTERS LOVE BEING DUMB