BLM Bundles Untraceable Cash Through Massive Leftist Donation Firm ActBlue


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  1. chop house, aka Seattle, Washington <(racist state name BTW) collects taxes by "collectors" i.e. mafia protections. Really very funny;
    ActBlue = You Ain't Black (you gotta act)
    Soft Money = DNC bribery
    "dis is howya doit"

  2. The UN Human Rights Organization is working through the Democratic Party, BLM and Antifa into forcing the USA with their globalist policies. The United Nations have declared war against the United States, by supporting terrorist attacks!

  3. I’ve tried to understand this phenomenon and still have trouble, even after listening to your entertaining analysis. Can anyone help me put to bed the claim of debunkers that ActBlue is actually a payment processor and that all money directed toward BLM would still go to the organization?

  4. I searched for this topic. This is the first time I visit this website.

    These guys are saying that these funds go directly to blm and that the facebook post that claimed this was false. Who to trust tho?
    I honestly think there's no possibility to confirm either hypothesis.
    I think blm is kinda suspicious, since we're just about to hit election time, but it can be also true that they're using the funds for a good cause.

    What do you guys think?

  5. It's like the old saying…everything comes down to 2 things, sex or money. In BLM and Joe Biden's case it's money. I guess it's act blue too.

  6. This is why trump made the space force. NASA is for national PR stunts. Funding rioters for exanple. Trump has cut those funds off. Their on the books now, no longer available to the globalists.

  7. I was a Berniecrat back in June 2016. Back then I used ActBlue to donate $10 to Bernie Sanders 2016 Campaign, which quickly folded soon after. My Wells Fargo bank card somehow got hacked by somebody at an ATM in Washington DC, and they stole $300 from me. Thankfully, my local Wells Fargo branch in Oregon was understanding about what happened and they canceled my transaction and gave me a new bank card. But let my story be a lesson to you about what Democrats really like to do with Your Money, Other People's Money, They Steal It And Lie About It.

  8. Supreme Court ruled Atheism is a religion on the grounds that it makes claims about the existence of God, even if those claims affirm or propose a negative. This was done so the rights of Atheists could be protected in the same way as those who were religious in consistency with the 14th Amendment of the US.

    This means Athism Legaly a Religeon And The Mebers of it have all the rights and limitations of a Religeon..

    Meaning you can teach about it in school but no more than you do about any Faith..

    Marxism is A Religeon Vladimir Lenin Created as a Political system with Rules and tradition like any religious.

    The Soviet Union even had Cathdrals to Socialism..

    So even if it has no god it is Legaly its a Faith a Cult A Religeon. With all the Protections and down sides of a Religeon!

    And you can not be using Taxpayer money to be indoctorating people into a Religeon !

    It at that point it is a State Funded Religeon..

    And that is Forbidden by the First Amendment NOT PRTECTED!

    The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment prohibits government from encouraging or promoting ("establishing") religion in any way. That's why we don't have an official religion of the United States. This means that the government may not give financial support to any religion. That's why many school voucher programs violate the Establishment Clause — because they give taxpayers' money to schools that promote religion.

  9. Untraceable cash , It's called a Tax Haven , Lobbyist , Clinton Foundation , It's a VICE that NO politician anywhere in the world would address or challenge , let alone would 1 dare to initiate FOLLOWING THE MONEY TRAIL. And putting and end to this Institutional VICE / Instrument.
    Even when , in fact ; the Money is UNtraceable. Across the bored , every Politician is RICO when it come's to untraceable cash.