BLM Co-Founder TURNS ON Biden! Says She WILL NOT VOTE For Sleepy Joe! The Left Is FRACTURED.


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. The Left and the Right sound extremely desperate and every time I hear anyone speak about who they THINK is winning they all just sound like they are trying to convince themselves of their own points. Don't worry, even if it's your pick that gets elected, nothing will change for the better.

  2. Idiots like Ken Bonehead who vote for who seemed "nice to them" are a huge part of the problem. Now he's gona vote Trump? Good, but that doesn't change the level of pure idiocy.

  3. I voted for Clinton in 2016, even though I didn't like her. I voted for her because I thought even though we needed a change from status quo, I felt Trump was too much too quickly. I'm voting Trump next month because Biden is too old and is mentally unfit to serve, and Harris is a monster. I was hoping the democratic party would learn after 2016 that they needed to ditch the far left and go full moderate, but they didn't. They've gone completely insane since 2016. I don't think there's any going back for the dems. The party is going to have to split into far left idiots and moderate democrats.

  4. I have already voted in person here in Ohio! I can say for the first time in my 41 years on this planet I have seen more people voting in person than ever, it was so busy in a county that normally is a slow vote, it's insane. I counted just innthe parking lot over 150 Trump bumper stickers or flags and 12 bidens, and 2 Jo Jorgensen. This country is notoriously red and where I just bought a house the county over is a what I would say is purple leaning more red. Other than the mail in cheating… I mean voting… I don't see a binden victory.

  5. The Democratic Party are so out of touch with reality. They really thought they could control antifa and BLM. Those organizations have their own agenda and the democrats were useful however they have no loyalty to them.

  6. Joe Biden IS a white supremacist. He was mentored by KKK Grand Wizard, Sen Byrd. He stated more than once that he believes in segregation. Diamond & Silk have called him "Jim Crow Joe" for a reason.

  7. She is in the wrong Houston neighborhood. Most of the Biden voters are in the slums and barrios, not in suburban Houston. Houston is the oil capitol of the USA. Refineries and polymers dot the Houston area. Between oil industry and the meat packing industry, the Dems desire to throw many Texans under the bus with their anti energy and anti-cow policies… Texas is the home of the oil field roughneck and cowboy…