BLM Has Gone Too Far, Man Nearly KILLED In Riots Last Night Trying To SAVE People From BLM Leftists

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  1. The Soviet Union funded a number of department chairs in American universities back in the fifties and sixties, primarily in the fields of journalism and education.
    This is the result.

  2. I don't advocate violence; I'm pretty sure we're dancing on a razors edge here though. If the leftist governing bodies don't control the streets, the average joe will, and all the built up pressure from the lockdowns, the unemployment, the years of media lies and doublespeak, the utter lack of consequences for blatant vandalism, assault, terrorism; the backlash will be fierce. Some people see the pressure gauge hitting critical, unfortunately I doubt the mayor of Portland does and in all likelihood, it's where we'll see the first crack. And unlike the police, random dude on the street doesn't care about due process or your right to a fair and speedy trial by a jury of your peers; he cares about what a hollowpoint does to a chest cavity.
    It's frustrating. It's like the only thing I can do is put on a life-vest and watch the dam break.

  3. How many lives must be lost how many people have to die how much red blood we all bleed together must be shed I just a pandemic which I’m not even sure is real and another pandemic of idiocy

  4. It's time we set aside Dr. King and embrace some Malcolm X.
    "The press is so powerful in it's image-making role, it can make a criminal look like the victim and the victim look like a criminal"

    "We are never the aggressors. We will not attack anyone. We strive for peaceful relationships with everyone. But, if anyone attack you, lay down your life."

    Arm yourselves, defend yourselves, and soon there wont be a problem anymore. If the courts wont do it, the people will.

  5. His mistake was not trying to hurt them with his truck.
    Let this be a lesson never slow down when there’s a mob.
    Your life or their life it’s up to you.

  6. It’s funny how they think killing a few white people will get them what they want. White people have fought in wars where bodies were stacked 5 feet high and they would just use them as cover while crawling over them to kill the enemy (research Stalingrad). They are poking a bear they can’t possibly control if it awakens.

  7. I mean….. I'm starting to understand why white people might be a little bit racist towards black people.
    Not saying it's good, but……. I can totally wrap my head around why. I would argue that it's not even racism, because it's not their "skin color" they don't like. It's their behavior.
    The entire nation is bending over backwards to help these people and all they're doing is taking, ruining, hurting the people who gave it to them, and then demanding more, while giving nothing.
    No other community of people, on planet earth, behave this way and treat others this way. It's a serious f-ing problem and they need to start being honest about it. We ALL see it happening.

  8. its getting to the point where we need organized militias out there following them around and protecting people and buildings. But militias don't organize as readily and easily as "protesters" apparently. I'm guessing it's because we are still hanging onto the concept of rule of law, while they are using mob rule.

  9. Hey I just noticed when a black content creator is on you tube no commercials and when its a white content creator tons of commercials You Tube is racist.

  10. We Can Go Back To The Wild West If The Commie Left Really Wants That, But They Do & Will Have Some Problems.

    If They Do "Defund" Abolish The Police; The Pawns Of The Commie Left's Biggest Problems Are:

    1) Most Of Them Are Afraid Of Guns.

    2) Most Of Your Gun Owners Are Either Centrists Or Conservatives.

    3) They Won't Have Any Cops To Protect Them.

    4) Crime Will Skyrocket Faster Than ANYONE Can Imagine In Areas Where There Are None.

    5) Because Of Number 3; There Will Not Be Anyone To Enforce The Laws.

    6) If The Police Are Federalized Or The UN Take Control Of The Police That Will Be Bad For Everyone (Including The Pawns Of The Commie Left).

    7) If The Commie Left Takes Control Of The Police That Will Be Bad For Everyone (Including The Pawns Of The Commie Left).

    8) Most Americans Are Against "Defunding" Abolishing The Police And Will DEFEND The Police.

  11. Whispers…*soon. Someone needs to pass the information on*. Trump's silent majority will put down their work loads and take this country back. There will be no negotiations. If you were not a part of BLM or Antifa and you are still with them, you go as well. Plain and simple. No mercy, no deals. You will die. If we have to stir from our homes and businesses there will be death. Lots of it. We see. We hear. We understand. We refuse to waste our time fighting small groups here and there. When we move we will be Biblical

  12. I feel like It is only a matter of time before the US is exactly like South Africa and people start getting murder (mostly white) and nothing is done because they don't want to offend.