BLM Has Lost The Public.


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  1. I think its really just to foster racism/hate and unrest and bring it into the future. Allowing criminals to just do what they want and only ever calling it out if its white people on the news is bizarre. From the knockout game to just taking shit out of stores. It creates an animosity amongst regular people so we don't pay attention to people in power. Its really clever honestly, the majority of government officials are not stupid the are actually playing some weird form of control chess. Its super sad though.

  2. These people are vultures, they are grifters who do nothing but congregate at the locations of 'murdered black victims' and 'protest' without ever even taking a moment to see the context of the incident.

    They don't give a shite about the traumatized family, because nobody died,.. that's what has made me believe they are just simply grifting vultures who only care about the killed 'victim' even if said 'victim' was a criminal who almost murdered an entire family and was standing off against the police instead of surrendering.

    What's sickening is how the family and these vultures are hiding behind the insulting excuse to his behavior of 'he was just having a mental breakdown' … So what should the police have done? just allowed themselves and any innocent civilians to be shot at? the fact that they had snipers aimed at him showed that they didn't want to take the chance of casualties,… Also the fact that there was a 6 HOUR Standoff showed that they TRIED to end it peacefully.

  3. If you listen to the guy that yelled but you are a live. Then after that you hear her say I got bullet holes in my kitchen then you hear that same guy say but not in you. Wtf sickening

  4. I pray that those paid protesters need the cops some day especially those old white people, then we will see who's life matters there's or the criminals, Absolutely disgusting.

  5. I need to push back on your position ever so slightly because your stance is also wrong here. To be clear, you response is far closer to the mark than BLM's but it's still slightly off it. Let's be clear here. The system failed and this is a complete tragedy on all sides. The system failed to intervene with someone with severe mental-illness, until things devolved into a violent mental-health episode, where he picked up a gun and has traumatised not only a young woman, but also her kids, while losing his own life in the process. There's no silver lining or positive here from any angle you look at it. And yes, I'm saying that what we say with the movie Joker for example, is a prime example of what letting mental-illness go untreated to this extent, will inevitably lead to.

    There's a difference between giving the shooter here a victim pass and extending them compassion, which we absolutely should. The system failed here and him being a victim of that failure, regardless of whether you approach it from a position of the police should have flagged him as a threat of social services should have given him help, shouldn't have to go out the window, by turning this into a zero sum game. He does deserve compassion and authorities should have some serious questions to answer, with those who should have made mental-health interventions but who failed to, and police who failed to flag him as a danger, having their feet held to the fire. This never would have gotten to the point of him having a violent mental health episode, traumatising a young woman and her kids with a gun, being unable to be negotiated with by police for hours on end and when that failed, taken out with a sniper, if the system hadn't dropped the ball here in the first place. That's to say nothing of the police here, who are probably ruing that it had to get to this point in the first place and couldn't have been deescalated much earlier, with more timely intervention.

    After all, do people who feel for the mother and children in this case and rightly so, want another tragedy like this to happen. Because failing to offer proper mental health treatments and failing to flag people with mental-illness who are on the verge of a catastrophic and violent mental-health episode, is how you get more of these situations happening again.

    That said, I completely agree that these protestors are malignant narcissists who clearly only care about virtue signalling. The police who had to make the tough call here aren't to blame, and the place to hold this protest, in this context isn't outside the house of 3 of the victims – not unless you're going to be chanting something like "4 victims, one dead", which honours the suffering of the 3 other victims here. Never mind the fact that they'd be reaching out to the 3 victims and asking them what they needed right now.

    Of course, that would require Neo-Marxists to be capable of genuine empathy and compassion, when all they can do, is react to things based on the dogma of their zombified religion.

  6. B. Lies Matter. I have been continually been horrified by how many "charities" have championed at risk populations only to continually be found out to be scams and not for the worthy causes they claim.

  7. What part of, Tekle died because he tried to murder me and my children, do these people not understand? Later in the footage there's a woman who gets in this lady's face telling her to shut up, how would she feel it it were her family or someone she loves in that apartment?

  8. I think that if BLM concentrated on police involved shootings that didn’t involve criminals, started rallying against black on black crime, preached personal responsibility and accountability, and didn’t just riot and destroy shit they might actually be a decent organization. But no, they have to be racist instead.

  9. Floyd would stil lbe alive if was not hopped on dope and trying to fight the cops, and this moron would still be alive if he did not act a fool. Floyd can be argued as unjustified as the cop had him in the car and took him out, but Floyd did it to himself.

  10. Not really sure if anyone else ever seen the video that ANTIFA put out a 2 years ago, the video had the likely group standing behind a sign that read "George Soros where's our money". lol

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