BLM Leaders in Their Own Words

?? How could any decent person still support the BLM movement (particularly after seeing this video)?

Written by PragerU


  1. Despicable! How can any decent person support this?? You cannot overthrow a duly elected president, just because you don't like him. If you wanna play that game, then anyone can do that. Guess what, we had an election where ppl voted, and you buffoons will go to any length to try and stop it, including creating a fake pandemic, ruining millions of people's lives….well, guess what time it is, it's not time for your fake 'revolution' which you fantasize about, it's time for ya'll to go to hell, where you belong!

  2. I'm sick to my stomach watching this due to the fact that many of these people are plainly stupid! What is it going to take for people to recognize that people can't disobey the law whenever or there are GOING to be CONSEQUENCES to their actions. Black mothers claim they teach their boys so much when it comes to being pulled over how about starting a new trend where everyone teaches their kids that pulling a gun, running away, punching an officer is not okay PERIOD. How about teaching our kids to respect and obey authority as well as the law. How about teaching our kids killing someone over drugs is absurd or killing someone for fun in that matter is not okay. People need to start finding common sense or shit like this will continue regardless. REPARATIONS?!?! Honey nothing in life is free. REPARATIONS?!? Sorry to break it to you but no one in our generation nor my parents generation (1980s) were ever slaves! So we don't owe you anything all you need is a slap in the face. I can garuntee…..GARUNTEE God has already settled those people that treated black people unfair back then. While we are at it your not oppressed PERIOD.

  3. Its time to arrest Bernie Sanders, "the squad", and every other Marxist that has infiltrated our government. Bernie Sanders has literally been campaigning for a Marxist "revolution" for a couple years. Only recently has he stopped using the word "revolution". Now he refers to BLM and Antifa affectionately as "our movement".

  4. What a lot of African American followers of BLM don't realise is that a lot of them, more specifically, the slightly lighter-skinned ones, very likely have some sort of European heritage. This makes them white. BLM cannot be more hypocritical.

  5. Here's just some of the ignorant, profane, violent, anti-American rhetoric from BLM terrorists. These are not peaceful legal protesters of racial injustice, but in their own words, "trained Marxists" attempting to overthrow the US government, which is sedition and treason, both capital offenses.
    They incite violence, (which is a crime) along with perpetrating violence, chant "Death To America" as they burn our flag, yelling profanity in public spaces, burn and steal innocent people's property, rape, murder, intimidate, terrorize, and commit many other heinous crimes. All the while supported by Democrat leaders, which shows who America's real enemy is.

  6. According to the bible in Titus 2:9-10
    "Slaves must always obey their masters and do their best to please them. They must not talk back or steal, but must show themselves to be entirely trustworthy and good. Then they will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive in every way."
    Amen! ➕

  7. As a foreigner looking in I cant say this loud and clear enough to Americans to hear…. THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT AMERICANS AND HAVE NO BUSINESS LIVING IN YOUR COUNTRY….STRIP THEM OF CITIZENSHIP AND SHIP THEM OUT!!!