BLM Leftist Mob ATTACKS Walk Away Campaign Rally, Media Desperately Tries To COVER UP For Far Left

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  1. ABC Australia would not broadcast that with transgender I no longer watch Australian tv news I now watch you Tim thank you for your courage stay safe mate

  2. People who disliked this video did not listen to what the man was saying…the commentator is actually speaking in a fair and unbiased way.

  3. MSM HATES TRUMP SUPPORTERS. The Walk Away Movement didn't deserve to be attacked . It was very disturbing and the DALLAS POLICE DID NOTHING. They're not in Rural Red Areas because they'd lock them up w/no bail until Court. We won't put up with it in a Red State, Red Governor, Red Mayor, well you get the idea.

  4. Can we start identifying each time these leftist reporters mention race in their articles? That way we will see how race focused they are. They see everything in the terms of race and as such by terms of the name, they are the racists

  5. Tim – How are they weighting the scale to determine percentages? Are they taking as each instance as equal or are they weighing based on population/protest size? I think it's silly to take a protest in small town Texas as the same as the riot in Portland.

  6. Thats the key question. Where is the far right that everyone has been warning about?
    Get a leftist to ask themselves this honestly, and compare what blm is doing now to what "far right" groups are doing, and you may be able to change some minds.
    My lefty anarchist friend just recently came to his senses over this, I never thought Id see the day. If he could change, so can others.

  7. I have so much disgust with protestors that, at this point, I will never forget how they've treated this country and conservatives. Even before they speak I feel this urge to slap them in the mouth with a dirty shoe.

  8. SO the far-right is saying mean things on the internet and the far-left is burning down stores and houses destroying cars and killing. it is quite obvious who we should be focused on right the now…. The far right saying mean things on the internet!!!!