BLM Leftist Murders Three People In “Totally Random” Killing, Motive Unknown But Maybe NOT Random

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  1. It's nearly impossible to hear these stories in the UK. The BBC spends 2/3rds of the time being woke, finding ways to make different stories about how women and POC are being oppressed each and every day, pretending to be neutral on stories but never talking bad about liberal groups. Channel 4's news coverage is more in your face, they care less about being neutral and many of their reporters are very openly woke. Then you have places like GMB which is about as anti-government as you can get, both British and American, it's become a cesspool whose primary job is to force out conservetive governments.
    Riots, murders, billions in damage. You would think this is global news right, well it's apparently not enough to get coverage in the UK. No the only time it will even get talked about is when it affects their beliefs, like when statues of Churchil were being toppled, then it's not okay to be violent.
    The world needs to know these stories and the MM is doing their best to supress it or blaming others for the far lefts destruction. I see it in my own household, people relying only on programs like GMB, now I hear only anti-Trump narritives and how his supporters must be idiots. Never once do these people bother to look at both sides, like with gun control, it's personally something I'm mixed on, but you can bet your ass if I was in America right now, I'd be getting some guns to protect myself from the rioters because no one else will be coming to stop them.
    I was a centre-lefist before this year, I would honestly still say I would be if the situation wasn't as extreme as it is now. But as many others have said, the left has become to radial, I no longer recognise the party any more. It's probably been edging towards this for a while now, I just never realized it until the riots began. I always knew I was never a hard liberal or a hard conservetive, I don't think I will ever be either unless something extreme were to happen.
    At first my support for the Republicans was mainly in fear of what the Democrats have become, I just knew that I didn't want them to have any power. But I'm now in a spot where I feel I can actually support a large number of the Republican policies and what they have already done in response to both COVID and the liberals attempted takeover.

  2. I keep telling people… From teaching, I can say this is how you have trouble makers in the classroom. They tempt other students to cause trouble so that they can rebel without having to take any responsibility. These are not professionals, they are immature children.

  3. Good job, Tim. You're a good man. You, Styx, and Razorfist are on my daily viewlist. Who the fuck watches MSM anymore? I like Tucker, but it's still admittedly biased. I possess a perfect storm of conservative and liberal ideals. I guess we're called libertarians these days. I don't mind that. "Liberal" has been toxified by authoritarianism so I washed my hands of it.

  4. The media always calls interracial, unprovoked violence by black people "random."

    So, the media is saying black people are just randomly violent. The media's lies know no bounds.

  5. same as usual.

    only if it's right winged perpetrators, then the crime obviously was a race hate crime thing targeted against group or ethnicity X.

    but left winged murderers or rapefugee criminals?

    was a misunderstanding, no reason or target, totally random, if not even declared innocent cause rapefugee bonus, was drunk, was confused cause refugees are poor victims per definition, etc.

    just pull any dumb excuse out your ass, they will gladly use it to keep up the image of lefties and rapefugees being saints and right wings being the evil satansists that commit hate crimes against first mentioned saints.
    and never ever the other way around.
    cause only "nazis" can be evil and do crimes, right? 😉

  6. And this is the mentality of our loser wannabe government! Kamala loves those riots! She even visits the injured criminals and tells them how proud she is of them. This would be our President if Dems won, BUT THEY WON'T!!!!

    Trump Pence 2020
    Vote RED straight through

  7. If the black guy who was killed was hanging with white people, then to marxist blm'rs the black guy would be an Uncle Tom and fully justified in be murdered according to their twisted logic.

  8. And so on the BLM popularity drops further and further, they are destroying themselves and giving trump more a win and support. This is gonna be the end of the left if they keep this up.