BLM Leftist Nearly CRIES After 4Chan Exposed Him And Cops Plan Arrest, Facebook Bans Antifa FINALLY

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  1. Before BLM "It's the individual's faults. It's not Trump's fault or the Confederate flag making racists. It's just the individual."
    After BLM "It's all BLM's fault. Not the individual. The group."

  2. If he does get convicted he will learn about race real fast in prison. The woods will make this dude their bitch real quick. Think about how well these white liberals would do in prison… ya that race baiting shit realllly doesnt fly at all in there. Ironic if he comes out a white supremacist after serving his sentence lol. Its actually highly probable, it would probably keep him from the whites shanking him. Sad times we’re in.

  3. If watching Internet Historian’s “We will not divide us” videos taught me anything is that you never cross 4chan. They will find you. And they will meme you.

  4. Facebook gave me a 30 day ban for defending Kyle Rittenhouse. They said I was "promoting violence". All I did was post the statement from his defense team and said it was a clear cut case of self defense

  5. The Banning of social media on Auntie phone will do much to stop them but I'm very glad do you hear that it will be less of a divide they will use other forms of messaging but at least we'll be standing together a little more