BLM Leftist Rioters SMASH UP Homes, National Guard Deployed In TWO States As Escalation Gets Worse

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  1. In my state we have both Stand Your Ground & Castle Doctrine…as well as Justifiable Homicide.
    This means that even if the coroner enters the cause of death as a "homicide" you will not get indited by the grand jury.
    Coincidentally we have not had one single riot in our state…go figure.

  2. Are u are showing Tim is Dems are cowards if they want to live under terrorism then they get what they deserve us conservatives are living peacefully right now and dont live under fear, they show up where we are at the system wont protect Antifa and BLM from us

  3. Tell you what , send em over to my house to try and smash some windows ….people dont do shit like that here because it would be the last thing they did in this life . You have to stand you have to fight back , the time for talk is over , the time to call someone is over . When a dog is rabid you put it down .

  4. Gee! Didn't we just hear from "Big Mike Obama" that BLM was not going into the suburbs to attack white peoples homes and that it was racist to say so? Sounds like she is covering for them. I don't care who comes to my house to attack it, I will shoot true.

  5. You don’t seem to recognize the terror these thugs are putting these people under when police will not defend them. You really expect them to criticize them? C’mon.

  6. The prosecutor's office had the police tamper with the handgun evidence to change it back to operable status. It sounds like they're trying to charge the McCloskey's for a crime that they committed.

  7. The worst part about the "study" on the BLM ratio of violence is that counts two or more people as protests, and actions within a protest as it's own protest.
    It's like saying there are only 0.1 fatalities per drifting event in the US… while counting every driver at the event as their own event.
    Suddenly people dying every day along with billions of dollars of irrecoverable damage becomes a non-issue.