BLM Leftists March In Local Neighborhood, DEMAND White People Give Up Their Homes, Locals ATTACKED

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Dems can't wait for "white" militia groups to form and show themselves. Media are salivating, they'll have their precious, long awaited "nazis" at last.

  2. The tactics they're using is Color Revolutions 101. The goal of this unbeknownst to the useful idiots is to get someone to shoot into the crowds. Someone will snap. This is Soros the Soros M.O.

    Eta: Eventually if someone doesn't do this their will be paid snipers that will. Look into the Color Revolutions. This mirrors it. This is what this really is about. We must know the enemy.

  3. Guarantee you the families that were “ pushed out” received compensation. So I say all these fools take a hike if they can’t prove the families weren’t compensated.

  4. If the police can not protect you then what choose do you have?? Start your own militia to protect your area? It doesn't matter who wins the election – these riots will not stop unless the silent majority wake up and wipe these rioters out… If Trump wins the election – then the Feds will quickly shut this down. If Biden wins – it will be war.

  5. This is what criminals do when the government allows them to do what they want, THIS is why you must be armed and know how to use a gun properly, If the locals were armed, there would be no issue, if the government were not democratic leaders and globalists, there would be no problem.
    I'm right because its common sense, period.

  6. B and M Hates live in Seattle…I'm wondering why they're not on any form of media loudly decrying these riots in both Seattle and Portland…and for that matter NYC and Chicago? I guess they're too busy playing doctor and making Rchips…I mean vaccines.

  7. I bet the residents regret voting Democrat now. The cowardice of local government and anti 2a activists have caused the inability for local residents to defend themselves. Glad I live on the other coast. Maybe these retarded hive minded everyone gets a trophy entitled BLM racists will try that Once in a rural area on the southern east coast. I guarantee that the outcome will be different. The ridiculous politics of these areas has caused this problem. Thank you for keeping us informed with Real news. God bless.

  8. I used to think the movies where mankind came together to save the human race from an astroid, aliens or pandemic maybe that could happen. 19 years ago next month showed the US coming together after the horrible tragity. 2020 showed I was wrong.

  9. If they live in seattle then by default they have supported and danced with Marxism for decades so I hope some of nitwits do it … if nothing else so they could show up at their job proclaiming their newly acquired Badge of Knee bend level Idiot …. please please Gods of the universe let these morons experience what they have voted & cheered on to fully experience the Marxism they have begged for.

  10. Hey Tim I’m Canadian and follow you and the US news closely. I’m not a BLM supporter at all because of many reasons such as their own mission statement , political narrative/agenda, because they avoid the real problems and fundamentally because all lives matter and more.
    I am in Western Canada(BC) and the following news article came out and I thought it might interest you. In western Canada there have never been any slaves, yet BLM has gone into China town to erase their history to have a white person paint a BLM mural in China town.
    The Chinese labour force in early Canada were the ones whose lives took a very heavy loss in the developing Canada, yet the BLM is cancelling their struggle and hardship to sell the BLM false narrative. I agree with my Chinese Canadians that this is erasing their culture.

  11. It’s a reverse discrimination. The black community probably owned those houses before and probably bought by a developer. But after those houses had been rebuilt and the
    area had been developed then they no longer belong to the them.To stop all these shenanigans , vote out all