BLM Leftists Shoot Two Cops, Try To Kill Several More As Unrest Escalates, Riots SWEEP Across The US

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Tim isn't conservative, remember that guys. I would never thumb you down for trying your best and offering a different perspective, that's the value of it! People need to have conversations to move things forward…………circular violence isn't doing anything.

  2. It seems that there are followers who want to bring about an dictatorship installed in our country to bring a strongman. It seems to be the democrats are followers are going to a socialist state.

  3. cops NEED those APCs MRAPS and Body armor. Police arent using military weapons (machiene guns). they're using DEFENSIVE gears. they arent militarized in terms of equipment. they're militarized in terms of mentality – that we can agree on. Gear has nothing to do with it.

  4. BLM and Antifa Rioters are going to keep pushing until the Police are given the Orders to use Lethal Force to stop and Protect themselves….maybe they want to commit suicide by cop.

  5. “when a cop’s shooting a black man you focus on the racism, ignoring all the statism
    Holding signs, rioting is not about to save him
    Cause you must’ve forgot that that’s the power that you gave them”

    Eric July

  6. This is why DA's who prosecute people like Kyle need to be locked up themselves them wrongfully indict innocent people then the rioters go nuts when innocent people are found just that innocent.

  7. To say it’s better to be alive and burn are obviously from people that have never been burnt and have never had to go through the demilling or spend time in the pools at the burn units

  8. Hopefully now cops will stop protecting the left!!!! Let the right come down on those nut jobs. The cops need to allow the right to defend themselves. Stop being idiots and protect those who are going to kill you.