BLM Leftists Storm Private Businesses, Yelp Will Now Flag YOUR Business As Racist If You’re Accused

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  1. or how about this one.. make a track called red skinned, being a Native American, you think good name… the next day tho… i'm getting threats, from people that are obvisouly not Native American, got cancelled because they reported me for a racial breach. now none of my songs can be featured.

  2. The violence from the far left will get buried in the algorithm while anything considered even remotely right wing will be at the top. Google and Silicon valley in general is against AMERICA AND FREE SPEECH.

  3. I just saw a fb post from a news agency announcing this yelp garbage..
    It had 8800 comments almost all lefty a-holes cheering and salivating.
    They can't wait to falsely accuse anyone THEY DEEM a racist for any reason they see fit

  4. Amazing, everything the Left states the Right or to be exact, Christian's are seeking to oppress people & force them to follow Biblical principles (which is not so) are actually the people (ANTIFA, BLM & Democrats) forcing citizens to do something against their will ? crazy, isn't.

  5. isn't this basically tortious interference? Yelp is effectively smearing the business owners and it's employees, which would effect said individuals ability to find gainful future employment. Not the same thing as critiquing a restaurant's food quality, not even close. I suspect Yelp will be seeing a lot of lawsuits in the near future.

  6. Dude, that article was the worst lump of biased BS I’ve ever heard. The only mention of the left is them “diffusing” the situation (not even close to reality) and their only mention of Antifa is calling them “Antifa activists.” What a joke. I never realized how fake the news actually is until 2020. Now I can’t not see it.

  7. I have said it before, everyone needs to ask themselves when is the price of peace greater than the price of war? Everyone needs to answer that question to themselves, and be prepared for the worst-case scenario after the election, a scenario where you may heave to pay the price of freedom to have the peace that we all want.

    For me when they seek to take my Freedom in exchange for peace the price of peace is now higher than the price of war. At that point, I will fight for my freedom and the freedom of those whom I care for, I will continue that fight until I achieve the peace of equals or I end up with the peace of the grave.

    Please do not force me to make that choice, do not force the veterans who have come back from fighting these political wars to make that choice.

  8. Last night I watched protestors in tacoma block the interstate while police just let them. Opened up ONE lane on the freeway and directed the hundreds of backed up vehicles. Rediculous.

  9. Why you cant trust main stream media. Hiw to bring down a nation
    To shape truth, control the media:  Most people absorb what they know about life from the major media centers these days.  The media paints the picture for all to see.  If that picture is constantly distorted, lies become accepted as truth, i.e. tell enough lies repeatedly and soon those lies are accepted as fact. Spin and concoct, distort and influence using the public platforms such as television, radio and print and you can influence, sway and control the mind of the vast majority of its population in any area you choose.  This subversive influence includes pitting one group against another in order to ferment internal discord as well as ridiculing, discrediting and challenging moral principles and national values in order to destroy any hint of a strong spiritual foundation or allegiance to a unique national culture. This is a much easier task if many in your target audience have become lazy, ill-educated, ill-informed, demanding, inconsiderate, intolerant and apathetic.

  10. I continue to be surprised that no one counter attacks these protesters harassing businesses and their customers. I'd be shouting right back and calling them racists among other things. Why are people so meek?
    Excellent article by Reuters.

  11. Tim. You keep adding that the right is as violent as the left. I want you to make a video with two lists. One of the right starting violent conflict and one of the left starting violent conflict. NOT defending themselves or who beat who worse. But starting the violence. Just like the guns I own. None of them are assault weapons. They are all defense weapons.

  12. Wow. Again. Wow. I am sorry. Boycott yelp. This is ridiculous, that company needs to be held accountable and liabel for every item or $ lost due to this. Every day a company has to close etc. you know they’ll be attacked if they start doing this on spurious accusations. I know. We need to report all liberal businesses every day. Until they’re overwhelmed

  13. It all started with the half black man Obama — "it could have been me" in response to the warranted death of the criminal Treyvon Martin. Then the insane college kids took philosophical racism classes, but adopted philosophy as a reality. These people eventually spread across technology, banking, entertainment, politics, government, and everywhere in between. In their ascent to far left lunacy, they ostracized their families, friends, coworkers, and strangers. Somehow, mainly through twitter, they all banded together to form this gigantic hate entity the size of a city which we see today. If this continues, which it very well may, then they will become the size of states, regions, and then the country.

    What is actually stopping them? We had local groups; we had proud boys; we had many others. Now we have nothing but police and authorities, but even they are now compromised. Just look at Portland. How many cops STILL issued arrests in favor and on behalf of Ted Wheeler — MANY! Those who do decide to step down will be replaced by mortality officers and they WILL come for you.

    Even if the Republicans DO in fact sweep the presidency, house, and senate the fight is not over. Not until the root cause of leftist utter insanity is crushed and annihilated entirely. This will require politian's to actually do their F-ing jobs for once. For far too long they have stood by idle and the only thing they offered were discussion after discussion. That left us with empty promises and lies at our doorsteps. Ultimately, this will be difficult to do as the left has been embolden to relentlessly expanding across the board; and when they received pushback those forces were knocked aside just like the Proud Boys.

  14. Yelp, I hope they have an army of lawyers, the lawsuits that are coming, each for hundreds of $millions, means Yelp will be hiring lawyers, job alert. When it hits 100,000, get out the pop-corn. Go woke, Kill your business.

  15. Screw the polite crap Tim! We need rude/direct to the point leaders that use an iron fist to put this country first. Last thing we need to spoon-fed pussies running this country. As far as I'm concerned, the democrats are refuse to be collected! (I was a marine for 3 years, so I'm used to direct and to the point.)

  16. It all part of the plan the globalist agenda…civil war is coming all this civil unrest is just the appetizer….People will not stand for these democrats cheating lying…BLM / Antifa are bought and paid for by the democrat party of America….Not a conspiracy…