BLM Leftists Target Residential Area ALL DAY, Feds Are BACK IN Portland After ICE Facility Attack

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  1. Guess what, when you choose a life of crime, cops are part of the package. Prison deters me from crime 100% watch Shuan Attwood youtube channel for conditions of American, other prisons. No thanks.

  2. how about people stand up and take them down for trespassing… with second amendment rights.. how these politicians in portland will handle this… and the mess it will create for the country.. many lives can be at stake here..

  3. I see a massive backlash coming, the kind the DNC can't counter. To cheat and win, they must be obvious, and if they do, they will probably regret it, and cease to exist.

  4. Now that corrupt Mayor is moving from his Condo because of the mostly peaceful demonstrations at his residence… just a little justice.

  5. Maybe if these rioters were working or taking care of their home lives instead of disrupting others they’d see actual improvement of their circumstances.

  6. "Lori Lightfoot is threatening to have protesters arrested."

    Let's fix that shall we? Lori Lightfoot is threatening to tell police to cancel the first amendment, which cops will do without a problem.

  7. I was shock when Democrat woman went out and bought a gun. And she know her guns . with these riots she's going to protect her child. Yep Democrat leaders lost her too.