BLM Organization CRUMBLES As Minneapolis Community Start To TURN On Them! This Is JUSTICE.


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  1. But black lives do matter they as many blacks killed as possible especially young black kids that’s amazed me the last couple of years they throw a fit if you don’t say that black lives are more important than anything else then a car trying to avoid a riot turns around there black child is killed in the back seat and except for the parents being upset 😭 they say well that’s just blacks doing there thing. Really that’s ok liberals have a strange ideas about what should be ok and what’s not I see why they use so much drugs and alcohol it’s hard to live with morals like that just curious do the lives of the children you helped destroy haunt you I know that the great lord George Floyd after all what’s not to love there he was a drug dealer who died after trying to pass off phony money what’s not to love there and everyone takes fentanyl well I don’t but that’s just me they bring in enough for everyone somebody’s using it

  2. Thanks for the info. I'm so sick of this group that has taken millions of dollars and I don't know of one community that have been benefited from BLM. I bet some people have yachts, new homes, grand homes and cars that no one else has. If investigated I bet no black people outside BLM that have not benefited. I hope God curses any money used in a negative way

  3. I won’t purchase anything from or donate to any group who puts ANY race above others. THINK Black Lives Matter ???? What about brown, yellow, white, etc… any group who literally leaves out excluded or belittle other people are essentially the problem NOT the solution.

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