BLM Organizer ARRESTED For Attempted Murder After Ramming Trump Supporters Injuring Two

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  1. Hey tim, idk if youll see this but if you do id really like to see a segment on how you think gen z will effect the election and (in your opinion) how theyll vote. I keep seeing news articles saying theyll mainly vote democratic but obviously im not just going to believe that. Im interested in your thought on the topic!

  2. Maybe there is a market for 'Mad Max Domes & Death Race arenas'… Gladiatorial Arenas ?… Isolated venues where the rules are limited & contained within boundaries. Just let them at it if they have the wherewithal… but the state and federal government don't get involved in ANY capacity from the moment you walk in… Your freedom of choice… You relinquish your rights as a US Citizen, live forevermore with the consequences of your actions… no State/Federal medical aid, social security, pension, benefits… winner takes all (prize money), loser – loses all and everything, you become a NON-Citizen of the USA, and are… forevermore… a loser, shunned and despised by all and sundry.

  3. The media keeps telling people that the right crashes their cars into protesters and don't get in trouble… so then the left does it thinking they won't get in trouble… because they believe the media

  4. Wait, when is it time for Trump supporters to fight back. R Trump supporters just supposed to sit and be attacked continuously so they don’t look like aggressors?

  5. Let's not lump the events of the last few days together. (At least I'm getting rather confused.)
    1) Nothing happened last night in Portland other than some arguments.
    2) Sept. 25th, A white Prius drove through a crowd of BLM protesters. You can see in the video that no one got run over. Maybe bumped into as the vehicle was trying to get away. The Prius was not accelerating. The driver was later detained, not arrested:
    3) This BLMer plowed through a crowd of people with a car, attempting to murder some Trump supporters, and was promptly arrested.

  6. You dance on the highway and get hit by a car thats your own fault. You deserve what you get and I don't feel bad for them. If you jump out of a plane without a parachute no one will be shocked when you go splat, same for these highway blocking morons

  7. These people have had the last 4 years to see the good Trump has been doing and stop acting like violent children but instead are rioting and trying to kill people who won't agree to their insanity. Things will get worse before they get better.

  8. At the Proud Boys event, It was Villain Phoenix of the Villain Report who got into words with an antifa streamer, who he called out for getting him beat up in Portland, as well as another woman who had legit beef with the antifa streamer as well. The antifa streamer should thank Villain for his safety as he kept dialog going and helped defuse the situation. There was even a French media outlet covering the Proud Boys event. Otherwise there was no altercations, The Proud Boys came, had their BBQ, and left all in peace. Proud Boys !! Patriot Prayer !! RIP Jay !!

  9. I see the craziness of the left daily. I drive my truck everywhere with a Trump and blue line flag proudly flying. I get honks and thumbs up from the right. When I come across a non supporter, they go all crazy usually, giving me the finger, and yelling out profanity laced comments or blasting the F*** Donald Trump song. It doesn't matter where they are or who's around when they do this, at the grocery store, gas station, they don't care where we are or who's around. I have had them do it when kids are present, such a great example to the kids. I have supporters ask me all the time doesn't it scare me to fly my flags so openly. My response is not a chance I will not be silenced, but they have scared the heck out my wife a couple of times. I'm 6'4" 265 lbs so these skinny young kids don't intimidate me, or my 9000lbs Ram truck. I finally found the perfect response though, they usually don't know how to respond and the other people around get a good laugh when I do it. As they start cursing at me, I just put on a huge smile, wave, and say "Thank you for your incredible tolerance, your side is so tolerant and open to other ideas it's amazing, Thanks again" They just look away and usually shut up because they don't have a response.

  10. Tim, you clearly have zero clue about the Charlottesville incident. That, or you're willingly lying. I realize it's political and social hari kari to mention the actual facts surrounding the case, and I myself don't like James Fields, but that incident was 100% not as what the media described. He was trying to get to his car that he had parked on a government pre-designated parking street that was supposed to be closed to pedestrian traffic. It was vehicles only and blocked with physical barricades and police posted up. But of course, Antifa didn't care and flooded that closed street anyhow. They scared the female officer who was guarding that street in her cruiser into literally abandoning her post with no hesitation and just letting them do as they pleased – law be damned. So when Fields actually reached that street where he had parked his car to leave and go home, he was swarmed by Antifa who were bashing and beating his car with baseball bats and poles, etc. Moments before this, Duane Dixon (the professor who's also the leader of Redneck Revolt) had pointed his AR15 directly at Fields and issued a verbal threat. Duane is on video – including during his lectures and many more times via social media ‐ bragging about how he intimidated Fields by levelling his AR-15 at him and threatening him. Would you really expect what happened to not occur? Yet everyone acted like, in a fit of genocidal, blood-thirsty rage, he was purposefully trying to mow down the sea of peaceful crowds that were ostensibly just there to shake his hand and give him a pamphlet educating him on their group's core tenets and mission statement, and he got almost 450 years of prison despite the obvious reality of what actually happened.

  11. Yea, they don't understand the difference between fleeing an angry/violent mob and vehicular manslaughter so they think it's okay to just jump in a car and run people over because they don't like them. In both cases, it's the same side being angry that causes that same side to lose

  12. I stand by my principles. If you are blocking someone from leaving peacefully, and no crime has been committed prior to their leaving peacefully, then you are committing a crime.

    I am confused, however, as to how this person ended up in a parking lot full of Proud Boys. And there was no honking to politely signal for them to move out of the way. I did not see any beating on the car until after she plowed through too.

  13. The reason this isn't front page news is because it's BLM attacking Trump supporters. The main stream media isn't going to give it too much attention. Now if it was the other way around the main stream media would be all over it. Tim Pool is the only one who calls it down the middle.

  14. The car approached them from behind they didn't even see it until the last second when it started to plow through them. She will be charged with 50+ counts of attempted murder. Keep your Head on a swivel guys. Stay safe

  15. Why aren’t the leftists just getting shot yet? The only thing the Trump supporters have been doing wrong is getting their hands dirty. U just have to stand far enough away to not get ur clothes dirty.

  16. Because when our parents told us to go play in traffic we figured it out it was a bad idea oh and we know better than to go play in traffic like a retarded house cat

  17. All of the right wingers hitting protesters is after the protesters swarm a car or stand in the middle of a highway without having first gone through the state procedures to shut down the highway.

  18. When MY boys were young, a cop came to the house one morning. It seems my son was involved in a fight the nite before. Some guy showed up at a party wanting to fight him. He was much bigger and was the aggressor. They blocked my sons car so he couldn't leave… The fight ensued and it wound up my boy sending the asshole to the emergency room with a broken nose and a crushed cheekbone. The cop was at my house because the other father filed a police report. I asked the cop what was going to happen next. The cop said"nothing" and that he told the other father that this was still Texas and if you show up starting a fight and get your ass kicked to use it as a learning experience.. i love Texas

  19. NPR is supposed to be non biased. They should be defunded. Od course, the left will keep them in the budget. I quit listening long ago because I found that their stories were so leftist and untrue.