BLM Protest BACKFIRE Goes From BAD To WORSE, Crime Skyrockets In Black Areas, BLM Support TANKS

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  1. Schools are very well funded problem is our culture devalues education and the culture isn't holding the teachers union and politicians responsible in those communities. More money won't do anything.

  2. The tail between your legs part is a bit over the top. You gotta admit telling city folk to stand up and fight after you left is kinda hypocritical. The 'fine be crazy over there, and stay away from me' mentality is what makes sense.

  3. When is Fox news(or anyone) going to show the graph of a downward trending murder rate for decades and then out of nowhere that infamous upward spike with perfect timing matching the Ferguson effect/Obama/Holder attack on police leading to an incredible slaughter of now more than 20,000 Americans, those people would still be alive if not for BLM.
    That 1st year resulted in a 10.8% spike (the highest in 47yrs), the next year rose 8% on top of that, the highest 2yr spike in United States history.

  4. Is the Democrats party's goal to destroy the lives of Black people?? Of course it is, the Democrat party always racist… always will be.

  5. “We all feel bad about this.”
    No Tim, no we ALL do not feel bad about this. I got one, am glad he’s dead. I don’t care how, he was an evil person.

  6. Anyone who watches only Tim would think there’s nothing more important going on in the world than BLM riots and YouTube targeting him even though he’s still fully monetized and enjoys all the perks of bending over regularly for his masters.

  7. Lol how long have we been sayin BLM dose not care about black lives. And now BLM is directly responsible for Black Lives being killed.

  8. 12:55 I call bullshit on that Tim. nothing is bad about neighbourhoods becoming nicer, thats just a democrat talking point that gentrification is bad for blacks. Like you said, they can either live in a nicer house, or sell and make money.
    'Oh noes, I made lots of money, help meee!!!'
    wish I could buy a house but in canada a one room crack-shack is now closing in on a million dollars.

  9. Did the people that are living in those neighborhoods the only ones voting and is it being counted. I find it hard to believe the people living there actually voted for it again

  10. Good. Black people need to figure out that the demonrat communist racists have used them as ignorant pawns to bring about communism

  11. I was always inspired by the movie "The Warriors." Let's offer a prize of a few million dollars for the last gang standing in every city. I could get behind defunding police to fund this.

  12. Tim: I speak up for hours a day and what do we get for it…they still elected the guy.

    Tim, you speak up on Youtube to a national audience that by and large do NOT live in the Philly district and thus CANNOT vote out a guy like that. You act like you really REALLY tried, but you didn't. I don't see any video of you out campaigning for a better politician or DA, you sit in comfort complaining on the internet, like a true lefty.

    If you want change you have to actually apply pressure where it is needed, not where you feel the most comfortable. You said you've done this sort of thing in the past, but I don't think I honestly believe you, that or you're grifting right now and just feeding your audience a line. If you want local change you have to address the locals, not a national audience. You can have 100 Million people get behind your message, but if only 1000 of those people are in a position to actually do something about it, then you've wasted your time and efforts in a very big way.

    What's worse is that when you inevitably fail to get the results you wanted, you then start handing out the black pills to everyone.

    No, you most definitely did run with your tail between your legs. You ran without putting up a real fight, you were just a yippy dog crying into the ether rather than attacking the source of the problem directly and making actual progress in supporting an alternative candidate. So you can either go into your corner and cower and shake and keep consuming those black pills, or you can get back in touch with your activist side and actually promote local reforms and get off your fence and support a candidate rather than complain that a bad candidate won.

  13. C.-o.l0r, CoMMun1$m and com'mon sen$3, by M. Johnson shows why the low income communities stay that way and refuse to change, it's malicious labeling of those that choose meritocracy and hard work and family are labeled as trying to be white, does that ridiculous Smithsonian whiteness chart make sense now, the one that said schedules and hard work are racist.