BLM Protester Arrested By FEDS For Sabotaging NYPD Vehicle, Plotting To Compromise BRIDGE

A BLM protester was arrested by the FBI for an attempt to damage a police vehicle in what might be the wildest story of the evening. Tim and Adam discuss why the feds would get involved in an NYPD issue, and their conclusions point to more hammer-dropping by Bill Barr’s justice department.

A cop-hating protester was busted by the FBI on Wednesday for attempting to cut the brake line on an NYPD van, officials said.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. not for anything but the cops losing their brake lines they could have hit somebody and killed an innocent family killed a new young driver or killed anyone what if they lost their brakes and they accidentally ran into a crowd of BLM protesters where would we be then then it would be the cops fault no you stupid f**** idiots on the left y'all don't even think that far ahead cuz your brains are broke

  2. Interstates and the business conducted on them is a stretch but PD do travel between states for official business in their vehicles. Its a grey area but letter of the law is legit!

  3. The cutting of brakes on a car used in interstate commerce, interferes with interstate commerce and therefore triggers federal jurisdiction. It makes plenty of sense. Telephones are instruments of interstate commerce and have been used to trigger jurisdiction plenty of times. Furthermore, the feds do not need interstate commerce in all cases. Bank robberies, for example, can be prosecuted by state or federal or both (there is no double jeopardy under separate sovereign doctrine). If you are old enough to remember the Rodney King case, you may recall that the cops were found not guilty in California but were later convicted in Federal court.
    SIDE POINT: a person is only “presumed” innocent until proven guilty. If they were innocent until proven guilty they could not be charged with crimes. I know its technical but there is a significant difference.