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This week I’m highlighting Natali Ivonne. She covered a BLM protest in Vegas, asked some really good questions and got some really good answers. It’s crazy that so many people are “understanding” when it comes to the looting and rioting.

We need to stop being the silent majority, that’s what got us into this mess. Now is the time to speak out and take our country back! It’s ok to be a #ProudAmerican! I know I am. Are you?
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  1. I love how some of these morons say black people can't be racist. Basically what they're saying is that they can't be racist because white people are better than and smarter than blacks. You gotta be shittin' me with this line of thinking. Also, oppressed people don't get elected as leaders in the mosy powerful government in the world. We have black cops, black CEOs, black PRESIDENT, black anythjng they want to do in America because news flash idiots…the only oppression blacks are under are from other blacks. Me, I could care less what your skin color is…i see you the same as anybody else. Everyone I know is the same way….but WERE THE RACISTS!?!? Look into the mirror if you want to see a racist Libtards!!

  2. 4:03 the most uninformed opinion ever, that’s not even what racism is, racism is thinking some on is worse then you simply because of their race, you don’t have to be able to actively oppress them. This made my brain hurt

  3. I too understand when a boyfriend rapes, or murders his girlfriend because hes' also angry. Serial killers pretty angry at the world too.. same with school shooters.. *rolls eyes

  4. "I just cant believe we cant live as equals, it's not that hard."
    And deeeaaamn these people spend money on shoes and gold. That one pair is $300 pair shoes. REPRESSED!!! HAHA Just saying. I dont think I own any gold haha. But I'm happy though.

  5. “it’s our job to speak out, and make sure we keep them safe” hence white libs developing a victim mentality for all blacks rather than seeing them as a human being and allowing them to prosper as an individual.

  6. So glad alot more people i mean alot more people are pro America! To see these anti Americans talking makes me a bit sick! We have the least racist COUNTRY on earth, just look around you will see it! Has China, England, Russia or other places had other races run it? America has so many wealthy none whites that are in power… last time i check a racist place would not allow others to have places in power or become super wealthy… guess the Democrats are fine with changing the meanings of words!

    blm dont protest in thw hoods cause they will get chased out really fast, that and blm are pansy…

  7. As a black I do not think blacks are oppressed. There are opportunities all around us, and we have a choice to make use of those opportunities if we so choose. Blacks need to stop looking for hand outs. Blacks say they want equality, but at the same time they are demanding special treatment. Time for blacks to be responsible. It is better to know how to fish, rather than wait for someone to bring you a fish every day. Whether we succeed or not , it is up to us. Look at how many times Abraham Lincoln failed at things. I guess if he was black he would have said people are racist against him. Blacks, lets stop equating everything with racism, lets get up and be responsible for our own lives.

  8. They have good intention sooo deep in their souls. But they are soooo dumb, they dont really know what are they doing or why really! Im pretty sure that 80 or 90 % of the whole blm movement is just like this or worse!

  9. If Our system is racist? Then stop electing them! If yes to society is racist..then are you racist and do you have racist friends and family? I’d no- then is society racist?

  10. 4:03 Follow up "WHERE do you see being racist has to do with oppressing society? Do you think I need the power to oppress you to be racist to you? Do you think a white person who won't hire blacks is any different than a black business owner who won't hire whites?"

  11. Hilarious that its always "hands up don't shoot" being chanted during these protests that are in honor of men who WOULD NOT put their hands up n let the police do there job

  12. Peaceful protests are fine and good, but no one has the right to riot and loot. I just don't understand people who believe they have that right, 2 wrongs don't make a right. The people who's business have been looted and burnt didn't do anything, their not going to stand with you now. Don't shot your selves in the foot, go about it peacefully. I agree 100% with the protests, but most police officers are good officers. There are bad people in every profession.

  13. “Can black people be racist?” “No.” Yeah they lost all credibility here if that hadn’t before. And the chick that said they have every right to be racist is actually a disappointment to humanity.