BLM Rioters Hunt Person Down In Vehicles And Attack Him, Truck SLAMS Into BLM Leftist In LA

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  1. At some point we need to ask why these 'journalists' cannot be viewed as the treasonous terrorists that they are. You can say freedom of speech all you want, but the reasonable person interpretation seems like it would apply here. Any reasonable person can see exactly what these people are doing. Any reasonable person can understand what their goal is. The bias and the danger that comes from their media cover for these terrorists seems like it easily falls under sedition. If we don't do something soon we will fall because of our own liberal values.

  2. Millennial writers always frame things as if stuff just happens to this main subject of trying to protect. Notice how they gloss over the fact that there were already crimes being committed by this mob, but it was mostly peaceful. and then the mob just became involved in an altercation? but then when they write about the driver they put the responsibility directly on him. Things just happen to the mob, but the driver took direct action.
    I hate this millennial leftist framing device.

  3. If we have social work become a new tool for law enforcement we need to think carefully about how its implemented. I think law enforcement should develop the skills necessary to effectively de-escalate a situation, but I don't want social work in law enforcement to turn into blatant thought policing. I don't like the idea that the social worker will be the "brains" and police to simply be the "brawn". I don't want to extend the territory of law enforcement into the realm of psychological diagnosis.

  4. I saw a news clip of a mob surrounding a car, the car drove off, they chased it, they got into vehicles and surrounded him, forced him to stop (minor collisions), and tried to get him out of the car. He managed to take off… Police came and arrested the dude in the car trying to get away. I was like, WTF?

  5. Need a low tier of police officer for mentally instable people? It's called an INSANE ASYLUM Tim. Lock these nutjobs up and treat their mental and mentality issues.

  6. Pt news on YouTube was on it last night. They showed how KTLA cut the feed right after the incident, then cut out the part before where people were beating on the truck and trying to open the doors. They also pushed the lie on the other incident immediately afterward. These companies need to be held accountable or the machine of lies continues to roll out bs, and half the fools out there continue to eat it up.