BLM Rioters Torch Police Building Proving Trump Right, Democrats FAIL To Stop Riots After 73 Nights

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  1. While I don't support Antifa nor BLM, somebody needs to play devil's advocate.

    The right is every bit as corrupt as the left says they are. Not in the ways the left claims, but the transgressions are every bit as heinous.

    The left is either openly corrupt or too stupid to realize that the general public can see what their actually doing.

    I think we can all agree that our political system needs to be reformed, but neither of our primary parties are willing to change… in fact, change is met with violent opposition.

    Until recently, the populous has been too disorganized to move against either side.

    It's not important which side Antifa and BLM are working for.
    No more important than who owns the hammer and saw that built a house.

    The only thing that will bring about the change we need is to destroy the system we have in place… both sides.

  2. Antifa play video games and eat cheetos in mommy's basement all day. Real Americans work for a living, served in a real military with real bullets and no reset buttons, etc. Americans will end this!

  3. Democrats are planning for, and inciting a CIVIL WAR based on Communist ideology, under the guise of a race war.
    If they come for you, DEAL WITH THEM.

  4. Why is your screen blurred where you're showing the articles? Did you do that, or commietube? This video was horrible because it was basically a blurred screen with you in a mini corner shot.

  5. I think Democrats started a mess that they cant control now. Atifa and these rioters went from doing this to help the left to now they do it to help Trump win. While Trump is president they are allowed to do anything they want without any consequences . No jail time, no fines, nothing. They are realizing that if he wins again Democrats will continue to just let them right back out of jail.

  6. I cannot believe after how your family was attacked Tucker you let me die. I tell you my story that my family has been destroyed by Washington state and you will not have me on. Why do some people get a voice and the rest of us are left to die? If I do not get my properties back from Washington state there will be war and many will die. My family is dead and I will kill all the public officials in Washington state if they do not fix this. They owe me for 30 years of terror, robbery and murder. I am an academic; but now I am a very pissed off one, and I am armed. They are returning my properties and paying restitution period. They have days left to fix this before we read their obituaries.

  7. Hey Tim, What's with the blurred out video? I couldn't see the articles while your were covering them. Was there something wrong with the software settings?

  8. It's time to issue a federal warrant for District Attorney Mike Schmidt in Portland for conspiracy to commit multiple felonies. Have the Marshal service pick that son of a bench up and hold him until his court day.