BLM Rioting Erupts As Security Officials Warn Of Election MASS UNREST, Cities Nationwide BOARDING UP

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  1. Just wanted to say that I just recently discovered your channel, and I really do appreciate you sharing the news. Sharing what's actually going on. I don't normally leave comments, first time I've done it actually, but I felt like I had to after hearing you mention the shooting in Provo. I live in Provo and I remember family and friends being afraid to leave their homes and go to main street after that. It really was shocking for us, and terrifying. For me it really served to drive home how widespread all of this is. I mean it happend in provo of all places. It's not like we're a blue state or a big city but it's even getting to us here and no one talks about it, so thank you. Thank you for keeping up with what is going on. Thank you for reporting the news.

  2. The President just needs to send Federal Troops and US Marshalls into the western states and arrest the Liberal government officials as a first step to restore law and order.

  3. conservatives definitely care what's happening and we KNOW this craziness IS NOT NORMAL. i am blessed to live in a very out-of-the-way place, so i don't have any opinion on the cities that are burning except that it needs to END,….. (to borrow a phrase from the crazed, violent left; "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY".)

  4. Tim, Google "Oregon gubernatorial map 2018". The problem is HALF the 4.3 million people in this state live in Portland and are mainly Dems. Then you have Eugene and Salem that make up the other majority of Dems in the state and control the outcome of the elections. Look at the map. By county we're about 95% red.