BLM Secretly Bought A $6M SoCal HYPE HOUSE

Investigative journalist Sean Kevin Campbell details his reporting on the $6M Southern California home purchased by the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

A woman holds a “Black Lives Matter,” flag during the March on Washington, Friday Aug. 28, 2020, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. The tensions in the United States over racism and policing are a likely target for efforts to interfere in the 2016 election. That’s according to lawmakers and experts, who say there are signs that Russia is seeking to exploit the divide. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

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  1. There are PLENTY of CON ARTISTS among the Blacks….Look at Jussie Smollett !!
    Wherever MONEY for CHARITY is involved, there should be PUBLIC accounting.
    Using people's hard earned money for PERSONAL LUXURY, is an age old tradition….hahahaha

  2. BLM taking a chapter out of Scientology's playbook, but they're buying up the wrong kind of real estate. They need to start buying commercial real estate if they really want to become a cult.

  3. Just like most the people this organization defends, they are run by criminals looking to benefit themselves while pretending to support the less fortunate. That's how Marxists work. They don't care about anyone but themselves.

  4. President clinton – war criminal Yugoslavia & Ukraine
    hillary clinton – war criminal – Africa
    President Bush jr – war criminal – Irag
    President Obama -war criminal – Syria
    President biden – war criminal – Ukraine & Yugoslavia
    President zelensky – war criminal – Ukraine

  5. This is a bunch of BS! Everyone knows with any organization you have to make investments. Why are people jumping to conclusions without proof!? When the info comes back that this is all legal, then what!? You think these people are going to want to hear sorry after you accused them of being pieces of 💩!? Hold your judgement until after the verdict! What is this thing about people giving judgmental opinions that don't matter?

  6. CRT INC, BLM INC these were both ok ideas that have become business'. Ryan Grim, the moment I'm about to write this guy off he does a good piece such as this, I can't take a position on him and he gives me a headache.

  7. Who are you people to tell an organization what they can do with their property!? The audacity! The house belongs to the organization period! What they do with it is up to them. So far what they planned to do sounds reasonable! The thing is these people weren't given enough time to mess up the way you racist you have liked them to. This is a overreach! You racists should have gave them more rope if you wanted them to lynch themselves!

  8. Next time please don't have a mixed race speak on black people issues unless they're 💯 percent on board! For the obvious reasons, they're only halfway invested. Therefore not qualified to speak. We want to see some midnight black folks that speak like black folk! If you're not following this format it's not valid! We don't want white or half white speaking for black people! Thanks!

  9. This is just describing a symptom of the root problem of the marxist race grevance industry. BLM. Is just a violent and greedy organization, local or national, and should have its supporters removed from civil society.

  10. The founding principle of the Republican Party is Black Lives Matters and we freed the slaves from the democrats. Be careful about a Marxist scam organization, falsely labeling themselves BLM.

  11. This is actually a huge story, considering how big BLM's impact was on society. Needs to really be discussed on bigger platforms, but probably will be ignored

  12. Are you saying the same people who repeatedly created false narratives depicting innocent people being attacked by police for no reason have taken the money donated to help actual innocent victims and fight injustice and used it for their own benefit? Shocker. A fair amount of this falls directly on the shoulders of the scared and complicit media who refused to accurately cover the stories and let the lies fly without correction lest they be deemed enemies of BLM. Those Marxist's sure found out how to get theirs.

  13. BLM earn a lot of money, destroying and burning cities, and attacking police, blm is part of the Democrat party, do your research, millions donated to Clinton foundation for Haiti earthquake victims ,disappeared no money was sent, 💰💰💰💰💰according to Haiti president

  14. An issue arises. Professional activists jump on board to earn a living. Some of them ride the issue all the way to the bank.
    Doesn't mean the issue wasn't real. Just that human nature tends toward selfishness, no matter what.

  15. i doubt that those who FUNDING💰💵 the Black Lies Matter are those FOOLitical entities that HOLDING them then USED them on every election day that's why you can only see them RADICALLY PROTESTING every election then after that they are going back HYBERNATING🐍but some of them CON-tinues by making a HATE CRIMES especially in New York..

  16. there's a video here in YouTube saying that most CORRUPT FOOLiticians in the governments are HIDING and TRANSFERING their PLUNDERED MONEY💵💰through their FOUNDATION then DEPOSITING it to their BANK ACCOUNTS in other COUNTRIES by USING a CODENAME or ALIAS..

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